Swollen knuckle?

okay i got into a fight roughly 9 months ago. i am not bragging or proud of it. it was truly unavoidable. my sound out is when i punched this person i knocked him out but i hit him so thorny my middle knuckle swelled up. it went down a lot since afterwards but still it hurts a bit if i punch like my hand or put pressure on it. i don't hold medical insurance so what i wanted to know was what is wrong next to my knuckle? is it broken? how can i get it back to regular? P.S. i know fighting is wrong dont answer with stop punching or some bs similar to that that is not the question.
You probably fractured your knuckle. You're not going to die or anything but it might just continue to hurt. I fractured my thumb integrated before and had to carry the chip put back in place. My doctor said if I hadn't done anything roughly speaking it, the only consequence would've been I might draw from arthritis. So yea, you probably have a little chip of bone that come loose on your knuckle and it can be reattached or you can leave it. But the pain probably won't step away unless you get it fixed.
I'm a nurse. You should budge to the ER for an x-ray, it sounds broken. You see your knuckle should have longed healed by presently, see a doctor.
Joints are silly things, and easily damaged or hurt. I would create in your mind that the injury, whatever it was, is long heal, but that it just left you next to residual pain.

I sprained the muscles in my elbow once, frequent, many years ago, and while it has heal just fine, it still hurts, especially on cold days or if I am tired. I asked the doctor about it, and he said joint tend to never be quite right again after they are damaged.

The simply advice I would have for you is to splint the finger for a few days, and see if that help. It is possible you hurt it again recently, and you don't even remember doing it. Giving it a break from bending may help relieve the discomfort.

Good luck!
dude my knuckle was the same but i lately waited a bit and it got away but it did appropriate long.if you see that the pain or your knuckle
still hurts you have to do something almost it.
Look man, I play hockey and I've gotten into abundantly of fights, they happen I consistency ya. Normally, if it only hurt for a couple of months i'd say forget give or take a few it, it'll eventually go away. But I broke one of my knuckles about 2 years ago and I merely ignored it, and sure now its fine but for going on for a year it did nothing but crunch. Went to the doctor and apparently I just have a bone chip. Expensive surgery, not worth it cause it eventually stopped hurting. My suggestion, go contained by if it hurts too bad on a daily idea, if not, ignore it and I promise it'll be in motion away for now. You may have to business deal with it when you're 60, but who cares eh?
in good health stop fighting.Lol j/k...um i have hi a few things within my day.but nine months ago..id read out u chipped something in your knuckle .and it didn't heal right ..i hear u on the no insurance entry I'm on that boat too...lol
I punched some jew in face one time and completed up with a similar problem. When I fully extended my middle finger I felt a sharp distress. It ended up that my knucle was fractured. Had to wear a type for 6 weeks.
A few things could be wrong. The problem is you will pay dearly for them when you procure older. It is worth the investment to get it care for now.

Find a clinic and ask what the charges are up front. Tell them your financial situation.

They may not be able to give support to. Don't stop there. Many health keeping professionals are trained to know of other alternative services available. So keep asking if there are any places where on earth you could get it cared for.

And remember to settle it forward. If you get a break, look to do the same for someone surrounded by the future when your success is taking safekeeping of you.

Best wishes...
Its ok to get into a fight in a minute and then -if you have to.
I have 2 bones broken in my fist just for that function and a knuckle duster solved that problem for me.
In your case there isnt much you can do just about it, because you waited too long. There most likely be a fracture in the joints medication that couldnt heal correctly because it was bent inwards because of the punch.
The medical procedure would be to break it again and relocate the joint ...nothing you could do on your own.
It could be related to arthritis. I doubt you are at that age because you mentioned you got into a scuffle. Wrap your knuckle up in bandage- try not to move that hand so much. I remember my sister slamming the door towards index finger. Happened a long time ago too, and it still hurts to this light of day , that is, whenever i bend it forward. There's not much you can do. Go to the doctor , or just agreement with it. I just deal with it. Didn't want to waste money on my index finger if it's not that bleak.

Ps. Get insurance if you can? See if your job offers it.

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