Jammed finger still hurts?

I jammed the middle finger on my left hand when I be 13, and never sought medical attention. I'm now 18, and though the finger stopped hurting for a long while, I never fully regained flexibility surrounded by the last knuckle. Recently my finger has begin to have twinges of pain when I move it or put pressure on it surrounded by certain ways. Is this something I should be concerned about? Can I fix it on my own, or should I run get x-rays, or what? Halp D:
Time to see a Dr.

You lost flexibility surrounded by this finger a long time ago which suggests
that your finger was broken and never healed correctly.
Now you may even enjoy the start of arthritis... and that
you should get checked out...

The inflexibility is probably due to swelling which you may or may not see. Compare the sizes of your two fingers. If the jammed joint is larger in diameter, afterwards you likely have swelling. More feasible than not, you have a improperly heal fracture or sprain. In the mean time, take some NSAIDS (Non-Steroid Anti-inflammatory Drug) such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Naproxen and set up an appointment next to a doctor. If it's a sprain, they might splint your finger for a few weeks, if it's a improperly healed break, they may surgically break the bone and splint it.
Go get x-rays.

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