Losing a smashed fingernail?

I smashed my fingernail last month and it has be purple ever since. It is now acting like it will tip out off. It is fraying at the cuticle area. There seem to be a new nail underneath. Will I lose this fastener?
Yes, but close to you said there is a new pin under it. It will be ok.
That happened to me too! Um, it took rather over a month for mine to fall off. It peel for quite a while. Be careful to not verbs it off too soon. I did, and only partly of the nail came stale. That was the worst part (other than when I usually smashed my finger).

Once my pin came off, I in actual fact kept a band-aid on it to keep it from getting dirty or infected. It really did not take too long to grow put a bet on completely. Maybe a month or so. People told me that the nail would never be the same, but mine is in truth stronger.

Sorry, that was mostly my experience, but I hope it helps for a while :)
Most of the time when you smash your fingers you do lose the nail but yeah a trial one will grow in it might be a little lumpy for a while too
Probably, if it doesn't come past its sell-by date you should have a doctor remove it, so the new one can grow contained by, and everything will be brand new again.
it is possible that you will loose the nail. that happened to me when i dropped a rock on my finger. my pin turned puple and then fell off but a brand new one grew back.
sounds resembling it but don't rush and pick off the old fastener trust me on this it will make it very especially very sore the new fastener will push it off in time
i had the same article happen to me, and yes sorry to day your staple will most likely fall bad, but on its own. dont pull it off, because that will hurt BAD. But luckily for you, a foreign better and healthier nail will grow surrounded by place of the fallen off one.
my fastener actually fell off within my friends hair., so if you think its gonna plummet off, stay clear of other people.
Yes you will lose it...and it will take forever to grow put a bet on. Source(s): someone stomped on my foot and this happened

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