How long should you dawdle to run again after an ankle sprain?

I sprained my ankle about two weeks ago and now its single a little painful but much better, theres no more bruising or swelling. I enjoy a tie up ankle brace but how long should I wait until I can start up running miles again? or at all...?
Listen to your doctor or wait until you can't feel any twinge at all. You don't want to make your injury worse. It really depends on how serious be the injury. I would wait even longer just to trademark sure I'm completely healed.
Usually the doc will distribute you some idea depending on how badly it be sprained. I would take it easy, not run miles and miles at first. Slowly increase the amount as you see that your ankle can tollerate it. Since it's still painfull I would dally another week or so.
When i sprained my ankle and my swelling have gone down and the bruising went away my doctor advised me not to be in motion running for miles but instead start slowly for example running for 10 minutes for a few days and then building up more time. hope this helps

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