MY husband recently got hurt while rime skating On Dec 31,2006...He fell on his face cut his chin and broked his wraist..Just today he had a surgery due to the serve bone fracture he have..Friends and family memebers keep on encourageing us to sue ,but who...I or should we say-so never had any problems with anyone within our lives and this is a first time we are encouraged to sue..I mean do we really hold a case..CAn we really got something from the rime skatng rink due to my husband's fall? He now have to stay 10 days away from work and thats really gonna hurt us,its bad enough we r just making now he has to stop working at adjectives?? Please anyone give me any advices and should I really start doing something..(cause honselty I am really shy to call any lawyer ,cause I dont even know what to say or how to start)..THANK YOU for your time !!
If everyone who fell down while ice skating (which is sort of PART of rime skating), ice skating rinks wouldn't be able to afford to stay stretch out. They'd shut down and then no ice skating for you or your kids.

No offense, but it sounds approaching the people in your clan aren't very good population. Didn't they try to teach you anything about self a good person and acting respectable and in general person better than some self-centred conniving scum who will sue the moment they conjecture they can get their grubby hands on free money?

Maybe if they have taught you some virtues, you'd be less shy and more competent of being a complete person.

People dribble on hard times, and usually they don't have a bearing to get the money they need. You ARE contained by need of money, especially for the time lost, but if you didn't have anyone to blame for his injury, where on earth would this money come from? Now you're hoping that a lawyer can squeeze compensation from the ice skating rink, even though they really aren't at culpability and you know it. When you skate, you risk falling down, end of story. A good soul would just do their honest best to get by, and not resort to suing.

Can you construe of anyone you admire who would sue, even if they really desperately needed the money and the other party be clearly at fault?
Of all the frig gen excuses to sue somebody this takes the cake .Tell me what is worse than clearly gliding along on ice and then when you are too incompetent to stay on your wobbly foot and fall flat on your face you want to blame the rime .
Get real. My husband NEVER went near us for that very reason because he know if he would fall and break a leg , we would be *** out of luck . Learn your lesson , pass it on to your kids to be responsible for your whereabouts . His bones will heal and some day you look wager on on this and chuckle . Trust me .
In Tort Law, there is a concept specified as "assumption of risk" which means that when you engage contained by an activity, you assume the risk of certain cynical outcomes that may occur. The only mode you have a chance is if you can prove the rime skating rink was negligent surrounded by some way in maintain its facility (i.e. poor lighting, failure to keep the rime clean, etc. etc)

A lawyer would own to know exactly how your husband fell. If you, by chance, found a similar history with this pernickety ice skating rink, you may have a luck

This what keeps people from suing the maker of a football if they get hurt playing touch football. You assume the risk when you engage surrounded by the activity. Source(s): 1 year of Tort Law
I swear, only contained by America are people this sue-happy...

Was the fall due to something damaged at the rink, or is your husband just not a very flawless skater? Unless you have solid proof and evidence that the rink was at eccentricity, you have no case. What did the two of you expect, a professional rime skater to babysit him so he wouldn't get hurt?

Accidents happen. That's why they're call ACCIDENTS.
find out who their insurance company is, and make a claim with that company. You don't inevitability a lawyer to request that all your bills be remunerated. I doubt you'll get any extra moolah, because the rink was not inattentive; however, they should have what is called "medical payments" on their insurance policy that would cover any copays, or any other expenses that you hold up to $5,000 or $10,000.

Only surrounded by America..however, no doubt they will pay some damages for lost wages etc.telephone call a personal injury lawer, they usually will give you aconsult free..
What are you sueing? The ice? Because the owner, manager, and remunerated employees sure didn't have an agenda beside your husband's name on it with the words "Inflict Pain" subsequent to it. It's nobody's fault, in genuineness. He slipped and fell. It happens all the time, and even Olympic gold ingots medalists fall here and there. Do they sue the ski invention? Or the broadcasting company for exposure? Your husband is in professional health protection, so i'm sure he'll be fine. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Just tolerate it go. It can be over when you want it to be.
Get a life, you jump ice skating you expect to fall - purely watch ice hockey.

Now if the owners of the rime skating rink, dragged your husband in of the streets and forced ice skates on him, next pushed him on to the the icem whilst he complained bitterly then you could sue.

Or if it was your conception, and he did not really want to go, then conceivably he could sue you.
Sure you can sue, but who's fault be it that he fell? Can you prove that the skating was at fault for your husband falling? If you walk ahead and get a lawyer she will attain a large percentage of of any money you do win.
Little short on money?? Need some from a lawsuit??Grow up and accept the risk for having fun. If you're gonna play, you're gonna money.
Ask yourself this question, How is the rink liable for your hbusband's clumbsy fall down? Was there malicious intent on the constituent of the rink ro deliberately injure your husband? In order to win a lawsuit you must first prove intent and negligence. If you can't... no shield!
What did the ice skating rink do to basis this accident. Your husband was the single one involved. You really have no one to sue. You can try and you might even find a attorny. But surrounded by my opion you have no case...
Yours sounds like it would be a frivolous canon suit, thus it would be kicked out of court and you'd have to pay adjectives the court costs. The only way you could sue the ice-skating rink is if the stroke of luck or fall was a result of some neglicence on the section of the ice-skating rink. Keep in mind that you'd have to receive people who witnessed the negligence and the fall.
No, it was an accident. I am sure some money hungry attorney would take your case, but it be an accident.
I sincerely doubt if you could sue. Skating is a voluntary thing and no-one forced your husband to skate - conceivably he should avoid skating in the future.
be there a sign SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
It depends; were you in a skating rink, or on a private pond? Were you supposed to be at hand or were you there unlawfully. You have to ask YOURSELVES a lot of question, because, believe me, a lawsuit doesn't mean free money. Believe me, they will be asking a lot of question, and people need to nick responsibilty for their own actions.
If there is a sign posted like "skate at your own risk" or "we are not responsible for any injuries, etc.", you possible do not have a case. I'm sorry your husband suffered injury, but rime skating is not exactly the safest activity to engage within, especially if he is not used to being on skates. He assumes a likely amount of risk when going on the ice. Plus it's not really worth any attorney's time to deal beside your case; they've usually got bigger fish to fry. Do you really construe if you sue and you are successful you and hubby will be awarded a huge settlement (before fees and such)? We've already have enough those overloading the system with lawsuits (frivolous or not); don't add to the problem. Just attain through this chapter in your lives and move on.
If the rink have a notice of not responsible for accidents it's your problem. If you signed a release previously skating. It's still on you. You house insurance may cover his injuries. It depends on what your policy covers. Many attorneys won't even consider a case like yours. Their are attorneys that will also. However after attorneys fees etc. you may close up with less than you started beside. You may get a settlement but attorney fees may absorb adjectives you get plus you still owe the attorney for services in the terminate.
COME ON. It was an fluke. No offense, but it would be really LOW to sue over an ice skating fall. Seriously ancestors.
Sounds close to the American thing to do. I can't believe it. I can't see you realistically suing for an accident. Ice is supposed to be slippery! Coffee supposed to be hot!

I'm sure if you look, they'll enjoy signs around saying that you skate at your own risk, and they are not responsible for you if you have an quirk.

Ice wouldn't be very much fun if it wasn't slippery. Hope he has a immediate recovery.
It be your fault. You would'nt win
No, only if there be something on the rink that he tripped over or slipped. You will never have a case for this. It be his own fault not to sound anticipate.
Okay, yeah, you can sue. If a soul can sue McDonald's because they were lame enough to spill coffee surrounded by their lap and it burned them and they actually won, consequently you can sue for anything. But, hey, with this, you would have to prove that the rink did something out of order. Was the ice damaged? Prove it. Was within something on the ice that caused your husband to nose-dive? Prove it. Was there something wrong with the skates he rented? Prove it. Just adopt that your husband was just a plain ol' klutz. This world have gone litigation crazy and everyone wants to sue everyone. Trust me, you will lose more than you will win, no matter how much you win. People own grown so vengeful and hateful. Ignore your friends and family (who, btw, just want you to sue because they think some of the winnings may trickle on down to them...!) and just verbs.
no you should not sue because you will lose the armour. he fell because he fell ON HIS OWN.unless there was something wrong at the rink and near was a hazard that be not posted, you don't have a case. When you run on to the rink - it's at your own risk.if you fall while skating on their rink...that's not their fault..
im sure you could but it was his choice so why THE HELL would you i mean its his criticize for falling on his damn face(no offense) but its ice, ohh and umm all lawers no you wont win the crust so just forget it, sorry-that really does suck
If something or someone caused his slump. I mean blatantly caused it: someone tripped him, wall have a ledge that tripped him. Then YES. If he just slipped after NO. Accidents happen and I realize that the accident will downfall up costing you money in lost wages etc. and doctor bills but no judge will administer you someone Else's money unless some one is at fault for his accident. Lawyers are really expensive and I am sure a legal representative would try to win a case for you but lawyers acquire paid whether you win or lose.
I doubt it. Most skating rinks and places like that make you sign a waiver. Even if you could, why would you? You know there was the risk of falling, IT'S ICE! It is general public like you that sue for any reason that are the do of so many problems in this country.
There are attorneys out there that I'm sure would give you a free consultation.
These days family sue for anything. Whether you win or not is another story. I am not a lawyer but if the rink was laid-back somehow, you may have a case. However, at hand are risks involved in ice skating itself, the rink probably have warnings posted somewhere. If it was due to their negligence, yes, if it be your husband's inexperience or something else not associated with the rink, I would say no. I am sure an attorney on here could notify you better than I could.

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