Red streaks down my leg?

So not asking for medical attention, just wondering if anyone might have a thought. About 20 years ago, I broke adjectives the blood vessels in my knees above my calf playing soccer - have had varicose (sp) vein ever since. This weekend I was riding my motorcyle in shorts & the subsequent day my leg was bloodshed me. At first I thought I got a burn, but it was more approaching a bruise, only red - it wasn't pussy or puffed up like a burn would be. So today the red streak is almost down to my ankle - it is just about 2" wide & 8" long, and the part that hurts have traveled down towards my ankle. So now I am wondering if I maybe get bit by something, but there are no marks. I am getting a investigational tattoo tomorrow on this same leg, and now I am wondering if I should get this checked out in the past I introduce something new into my bloodstream.any doc's out there next to an idea?? I may try to call my dial a nurse, but thought I might entrap someone here with ideas...
Red streaks can indicate an infection explicitly spreading. DO NOT GET THE TATTOO UNTIL YOU SEE A DOCTOR.
A streak that big? And pain? You would even think to gain a tattoo?! My goodness! Get thee to a doctor posthaste!
DEFINITELY don't get the tattoo tomorrow! It sounds like cellulitis, an infection surrounded by your skin. I have had cellulitis surrounded by my arm two times before. They are going to need to put you on antibiotics if it is truly cellulitis. You really should hold it looked at before Monday too.
"traveling" red streaks are a sign of infection - a pretty bad one! Do not acquire the tat and go see a doc asap!!
travel see a doctor you may have a disorder called thrombophlebitis.
it is cause by blood clots and if a clot gets brakes loose it could kill you within minutes. with a heart attack, stroke or a pulmonary embolism

if nothing else nickname your dial a nurse and tell them your history of broken blood vessels an the varicose vein
Okay, first of all, merely a crazy person rides a motorcycle in shorts -- if you get into an accident, all the skin on your legs would be ripped right bad. You really need to wear appropriate clothing when you're on your bike. Trust me -- I had a friend who get into an accident on his bike three years ago (a guy talking on his cell phone within his car ran right into him) and he have been wearing a tee-shirt instead of his usual jacket because he'd just be going out for a quick ride and didn't think he needed adjectives the gear. Well, he ended up having just about 6 horrifically painful skin graft surgeries after that because the street had taken most of the skin stale one of his arms!! Don't make his same mistake, okay? It's awful!

As for the red line -- I find your description of it a bit worrisome, because it sounds resembling what you might see if a wound had gotten infected and the infection had spread to the blood. The certainty the streak is getting bigger seems to rule out the burn theory, though the size of it seem really wrong for a blood infection streak too. You can also get red streaks from advanced cases of cellulitis, but I think you would own seen symptoms before immediately if that were the case.

In other words, this could be a wide open variety of things, and you can't know which until you see a professional. So, you really do need to see a doctor roughly speaking this, and I think you should do that BEFORE you get the tattoo for sure. Put the tat stale for another week and get to a doctor ASAP just to put together sure there's nothing serious going on. If you can't get an appointment until Monday, keep hold of an eye on the streak and if it continues to get bigger, go to the ER over the weekend. Also shift immediately to the ER if you develop a fever as resourcefully, as that would make it seem remarkably likely the streak is from an infection.

Prove you aren't as foolish as someone wearing shorts on a motorcycle might seem they are at first peep, and do the smart thing here, which is to get checked out as soon as possible! :) Source(s): I'm a medical librarian.
Definitely see a doctor about this, especially since you get a tattoo! Good luck
Go get that checked out. I would be surprised if the tattoo artist would even attempt to work on you with that condition. Call presently.
dial a freakin nurse

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