Whats the best treatment for burns??

ok so i have some burns from hot oil on my both of my legs it merely happened recently... is near anything that you can recomend me using or doing to help prevent scaring on my legs...? please comfort
Time is a big factor but treating properly is just as important, Dont use cream though! not untill its almost adjectives healed, because cream traps in bake and will just make it worse surrounded by the long run, do not place ice directley on skin, wrap it in resembling paper towl and stuff, make sure its not to cold on your skin, basically a soothing temperature, and either later that, all you can do is wait.. oh and for the rime, its 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off, okay? so good luck, i hope you treat soon.
Lavander grease.
Vinegar...lil water...incorporate 2 the vinegar..and lots of fresh Air...butter is good 4 it as my old gran.told me as a kid.if its not 2 desperate of a burn it wont scar.hope its not 2 bad.tc an monitor ur self tc
stay away from hot grease and ice your scares Source(s): hope i sustain
running a burn under sea for about 10 minutes usually..but thats when you've just be burnt...other than that im not sure can you achieve some kind of cream or something??
Coco butter works great. So does A & D ointment or neosporin. Also once it heals spray tans or tanning contained by general will make scar less visable
vinegar,it is soothing and antiseptic Source(s): nurse
to soothe the pain if any and to help protect the skin put camomile lotion on it (liberally) its nice and cold Source(s): previous experience
Some aloe vera is good. Another honest remedy is a used tea bag. Green tea works best but any tea bag will do. Once the burns treat, use cocoa butter to help prevent scarring. Be sure you don't use the cocoa butter until the it no longer burns or it could further cook the burn.

For additional info on treating burns, turn to the website below and enter burns in the search engine: Source(s): www.webmd.com
Don't pick at the blisters or scabs. When the scabs heal, apply a mutilation therapy cream like Mederma. It in truth works. Oh and if you go in the sun, put sunscreen on other. The scars will get thicker and more striking ifyou don't protect them from the sun.
Bio oil applied regularly should help. If you can filch Cantharis homeopathic remedy, from chemist, this will help with remedial too. there is a herbal lotion called Combudoron by Weleda to be used if the skin is not broken. Also you could ask the doctor for silicon gel, as it is expensive to buy from chemist, to prevent scarring. see which suits you best. adjectives this to be used when skin is cooled down, but Cantharis, take right away. If you have an aloe plant, cut past its sell-by date a section and apply the gel from inside.
cold water is the best/only first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the thump and no less. NEVER ice OR vinegar OR milk OR butter OR green tea OR mustard OR toothpaste OR sunscreen OR semen OR vaseline OR tomatoes OR vanilla extract OR yogurt OR sour cream OR egg white OR egg pale OR lavender oil OR cocoa butter OR salt OR tea stacks OR potato OR shaving cream OR olive oil OR baking soda OR banana peel OR petroleum jelly OR whip cream OR avocado OR bacon grease OR corn starch OR turmeric OR lemon juice OR curd OR pickle juice OR soy sauce OR urine OR talcum powder OR mash strawberries OR exfoliating scrub OR mayonnaise OR peroxide OR bleach OR deep heat OR ketchup OR red grapes OR hairspray- not until the skin is fully heal!

ibuprofen or aspirin will help but large burns are normally accompanied by stomach ulcers, so tylenol/panadol is best for backache if you are gonna tough it out. drink plenty of water or energy drinks that don't own caffeine (gatorade)

i would advise that you cover the burnt nouns with white soft paraffin (white petroleum) or aqueous cream bp. (check the links below and see if you can find a local equivalent). wash the burn and reapply every 4-6 hours - cover next to cling wrap if you wish to cover with clothes - this will stop your clothes getting covered near paraffin and maintains the burn. cling wrap alone is also ok if you can't get hold of any paraffin. it act as a protective artificial skin - helping retain moisture and protect from further damage and pain.

aloe is upright coz it remoisturises but that moisture can be quickly lost as the skin can't contain fluids. so put aloe on, and then the paraffin on over the top. if in attendance is broken skin leave out the aloe - just paraffin.




email if you still hold questions - send photos feedingthedogcustard(a)hotmail.com

finally if you are really worried travel to a hospital that has a burns unit or plastic surgeons. serious sunburn i.e. blisters (and adjectives other burns) should be seen by a burns trained doctor or nurse. Source(s): Burns RN
run it under a cold tap for ten mins, do not cover it up beside anything cos it might stick and it will realy hurt when you peel it off. if its really unpromising go to a hospital Source(s): me
Well my grandma is an expert in natrual invigorating. She tells my familiy to put the jelly of an aloe vera plant on the injury
aloe vera to soothe the pain and cocoa butter to treat the scar.
Acriflex is a wonder cream for burns. Fantastic stuff that can be bought at most chemists.
green aloe vera lotion, it feels like jelly
cold water four more or less a hour.
You can try covering your burns near dark-colored honey.

There has been some research which suggests that depressing honey can be better than many conventional treatements. Because honey prevents bacterial growth and promotes healing. Whereas copious other treatments only prevent bacterial growth but don`t do much to promote healing.

But hot-oil burns can be comparatively deep. And you may get some scarring even beside the best treatment.
First thing you should be doing as soon as possible after receiving a burn is carry it under running cool/cold water. Keep doing that for longer than you regard.

I'd suggest you look into active manuka honey. Look for the Manukacare 18+ at http://www.worldofnz.co.uk

This is good for burns, help reduce scarring, and also helps to prevent any infection getting into the burn nouns. More research is still being done on this, but initial evidence is it helps, they use it contained by some hospitals in New Zealand. Anecdotal evidence is very obedient.

Just what is best may depend on how severe the burns are. For milder ones, a good aloe vera gel may help.

There is an dated wives tale about using butter - most definitetely do not use that at adjectives. That and most creams actually keep the bake in, so that the area keep burning.

You also do not want to put ice directly on it, as this actual 'cold burns' and does further damage to the tissue. If it is unsuccessfully burned then see a doctor soon.
I recently saw some patches of some sort especially for burns that facilitate heal them faster and reduce scarring within Boots(not sure if you needed to put them on quite soon after the burn though).

Go to Boots and enquire after them or ask a pharmacist or your doctor what they recommend.

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