How do i know the difference between a bruised tailbone and a broken tailbone?

your hips would hurt really bad and you wouldn't be capable of sit down if your tailbone was broken. tailbones don't normally break, they fracture and might not hurt at first but rigorous athletic leisure, in particular running, will net it worse.
Um bruised will most likeley beless painful than broken. If it hurts a lot i give attention to you should consult a physician. If its broken it should swell pretty bad. Im sry thats all i can rly reckon of. :)
If it were broken it would hurt alot more and put a ceiling on your movement more than a simple bruise. However, the only way to definitively put in the picture is by getting it x-rayed.
You necessitate x-rays to tell if it's broken. X-ray...
Only an x-ray can determine if the bone is broken. If you suspect this, better cause an appt. with your doctor and get it checked out. The anguish in either travel case can be extremely painful.
One will be broken, while the other one will be just bruised.
a bruise would sort of be purple darkish color and a broken tail bone well u would no immediately if its broken
my tail bone area was hurting for a long time and have no idea it was broken until i have xrays. That is truly the only way to find out
Uhm. You should be able to communicate the difference.

If you notice a lump or anything back in attendance..Or within a week you cant sit..Check with your doctor - you might hold a pilionidal cyst. Source(s):;…
You wouldn't know unless you get an x gleam but a good indicator is pain. If it is painful most likely is fracture. But I don't think that within is much to be done with it but pain killer, rest and time to heal. Feel better.
get an x shaft of light
A broken tailbone will give you:
Pain that increases with sitting or getting up from a stool
Pain that increases during a bowel movement
Bruising or swelling
Tenderness over the tailbone

With a bruised tailbone:
You probably won't notice the pain from a bruised coccyx until the subsequent day as well. A bruised bone is similar to bruised tissue. The initial shock is bloody, but the area doesn't become tender until the bruise actually forms.
Sitting down next to a bruised coccyx bone won't be as painful as you expect. Getting up, however, will be excruciating. Sharp pains will assault your tailbone and your lower spine. This is because your tailbone shifts when you stand up. A lot of pressure is exerted on your coccyx bone to support your weight while standing. This is impossible to tell apart as pressing a bruise on your skin. Source(s):
You won't be able to sit down at all.
That resources it is broken.

Bruised it is uncomfortable to sit down and hurts while doing so and you use a pillow to help near it.

I broke my tail bone before and there is unquestionably NOTHING you can do but wait for it to heal and to be exact by NOT sitting down but instead laying on your side.

It hurts.. bad.. existing bad and no way your sitting down AT ALL close to i said or having any contact at all beside that area to a surface.

*edit* oh yeah erin is right.. damn it did hurt to take a crap! Source(s): broke my tail bone trying to see ex boyfriend a$s..rug slipped out from under me..oops. :(
you cant move it if is was broken
by going to the doctor and getting an xray
impose one would hurt like **** and you would pass out, the other would of late hurt a little
Fractures tend to cause swelling.
Bruised- Can walk, really sore
Broken- Probably not competent to walk

it also depends how hard you fell and what happen Source(s): i fell down a flight of stairs and got a bruised it depends what happened to you.
u cant report by urself. u have to go to the docter and draw from x-rays. they will know by wat it looks like and if u think its broken dont risk it draw from x-rays as soon as u can.

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