What's the difference between a Jammed and a broken finger?

i hurt myself during gym class by playing basketball. I was blocking and my pinkie hit the ball immediately i can't move my pinkie maybe a little but i can't squeeze my foot together. also it's staying curved i can't put it straight. I also have this blueish bump that's pretty hard idea if you know what i mean... Can anyone help me, I don't know if it's jammed or if it's broken.. gratefulness you do much!
if your entire finger goes black and blue its broken
if it hurts as bad tomorrow bring back it checked out.

thats all you can do
broken is when your bone is on pieces
jammed can be everything else.
other than seeing a doctor?

jammed- http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/wrist…
jammed pic-

broken- http://www.emedicinehealth.com/broken_fi…
broken pic-
The only way to share if it is a break for sure is to have an x-ray taken.

Okay that said, when you break a bone usually you will have a moment of nausea because it hurts so doomed to failure. Also you won't be able to move that joint at adjectives. Breaks will also swell but, I beleive that jammed fingers will jam as well.

If you have a feeling it is a break you really need to go hold x-rays taken of your hand.
well its not broken , and simply it heals faster.
Sounds like it may be jammed. Either track you need to get it checked out. I jammed my finger when I be young. It is still curved out of place and not straight. Since I never get it fixed, it still is sore and cracks a lot.
Um, a broken finger would have the actual bone broken. Duh. Otherwise it's only just a sprain.
jammed finger is that it is still together but kind of crushed
broken finger is that the bone is not adjectives together it might be in pieces
jammed just strains (like a sprain) but broken is where the bone have a crack or break, this sounds broken. Not much you can do for a broken finger but put it in a splint and let it alleviate.
probably jamed if it broke it wood feel similar to a red hot nail going through it beleive me
If it is broken it will hurt and you will be unable to move it since the bone will be broken. Jammed could tight where the bone is not broken yet it is stuck and sprained is where on earth you can move it but it still hurts.

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