Question roughly paramedics and clothing removal?? Is what the paramedics did to me right??

I was 18 and had a fit in class.I lost consciousness then woke up soon after.The class be emptied except for the school nurse and principal who be treating me then paramedics arrived.
They put a neck brace on me and give me oxygen, then out of nowhere began adjectives off my clothes.I told them i was fine but they said they have to.The cut shirt and pants off, pulled past its sell-by date my shoes and socks.I figured they would keep my underwear on but...they cut them bad too.

I laid there naked infront of 2 paramedics (1 male& 1 female), my institution nurse and principal who were both female. They checked me at the university then strapped me to a backboad and put me on a stretcher (with my genitals fully exposed). They then put a small cover on me and rolled me out to the ambualnce beside everyone watching.
Once I wasin the ambulance the female paramedic who was riding surrounded by the back with me pulled the cover bad me and worked on me.When we got to the hospital they rolled me to the E.R fully exposed.Humiliated
They were checking for any injuries you may have obtain during the seizure. for example, you could have fell sour your chair, landed on your arm the wrong method, and broken it.
I doubt this ever happen.
your alive and well right? afterwards i wouldnt worry about it, they know what their doing
same thing happened to me when i electrocued myself. Except they certainly rolled me from my house to the ambualnce fully naked. You got sour easy haha
No paramedic would ever do such a thing. Not for a paroxysm. A multi-trauma victim, YES no doubt they would completely strip u with nothing on with no regard for who see. In that situation your modesty takes a backseat to the need for you to be completely in the buff so all of your injuries can be discovered, so as you can be appropriately treated, and kept alive. But a school kid who a moment ago has a seizure. I am sorry but no paramedic would do this. So I guess I am proverb that you are lying. However if this did happen then yes you want to talk to their superiors.

I would also like to donate that when I do need to strip a patient "Trauma Naked" that after I enjoy examined their whole body for injuries, I immediately cover them posterior up. Nor have I EVER rolled a patient into the ER not covered up. Source(s): Paramedic, BS Emergency Medical Care
Maybe they considered your clothes a danger to you?
I also doubt the truthfulness of this question.

Paramedics do hold to take a patient's clothing off for assorted reasons, but we're usually very diligent to protect the patient's modesty as much as possible. I have NEVER rolled a patient into the ER in the nude (they were at least covered near a sheet).
Im a paramedic, this is standard procedure but your Principal should not enjoy been allowed in the room. And unless she be registered, your school nurse should have not be in there any.
However, the paramedics had every right to remove your clothing and keep you contained by the nude for as long as they felt they had to. They did cover you when they moved you to the ambulance which is proper procedure.
In impossible to tell apart situation i would have covered you on the way into the hospital, but if the paramedics didn't see it as the right article to do, then that is their choice.

It's a tough situation to be contained by, but you should be happy you are okay. Source(s): Paramedic
It would be interesting... IF... they do that very same entity to EVERYONE that has a seizure of adjectives ages and gender every time with NO exceptions. That is the trial test for this.

If you have a "agreed seizure history", take drug daily and
the seizure be witnessed... you could make a better case for at lowest only removing the clothing from the waist up and providing some adequate cover. This allows for monitor lead and cardiopulmonary evaluation. If the waist down clothing was not loose fitting...that would be another reason to remove it. It is a verdict call. I think the underwear could own been left on within your case. I think the reality, you were able to speak and could bring in sense of the situation is worthy of noting. Being 18 years of age plays into this also. Normally, you have a right to eliminate all or part of treatment. There are circumstances following seizure... that you might not be fully capable of making decisions near good judgment...

If this be a first seizure for you... and if the seizure be not witnessed (you were found unconscious or post ictal)...consequently I could make a case for the total clothing removal. However, it be not necessary to expose you to the public as you describe. You can examine someone who is nude (under a blanket) area by nouns without exposing them to the world.

There are many cause for seizures to consider and an examination to rule-out other injury is appropriate. The collar brace and backboard was excellent and correct. Clothing has to be cut... to some extent than pulled off...even in situations where on earth spine injury is remotely possible.

I think the remedy is... the two paramedics need to own their clothing cut off of them, be put in a collar brace and then get strapped to a backboard and transport the same ride you did with others watching... (as happen to you). This time YOU get to watch as they watch you. They can have the Fire Chief and their peers watching...since your authority figures (Nurse and Principal) and your peers observed you within that helpless situation. I really think the school nurse could enjoy done more to insure that you were kept modest. I know professionals get held up in the moment...but your care be basic EMS care... as you described it... not brain surgery!
Standard protocol. Embarrassing yes, but required as well. Clothes can effect circulation believe it or not. Considering they were treating you for a paroxysm, it's perfectly normal what they did.immediately if you had broken your nose and they did adjectives that, I'd be a bit concerned. Source(s): Health care worker

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