What is wrong beside my big toe knuckle?

For the past few months I have have this pain in the communal of the large knuckle of my big toe. I keep putting stale going to the doctor cause it just seem odd.
It hurts the most at the end of the daytime and usually when it hurts I cannot put my full weight on it. It will especially hurt when it bends, but sometimes will just start throbbing.
It seem ridiculous. I never fell, or bumped it or anything.
Thanks in advance for your relieve.
It sounds resembling you could have either gout or arthritis.
This could be a bunion, a pinched nerve or gout. Go see a podiatrist.
Maybe it is arthritis or even gout. See your doctor.
You don't crack your toe knuckles do you?

Try massage it.
It sounds like arthritis. Do you wear stylish shoes or adjectives sense footwear ?(some women cause themselves damage trying to look good) If you are intimatly influential clamidia can mirror arthritic symptoms. I sufer from arthritis in the joints I own broken, especialy in cool, wet weather. It can effect us at any age.
its a implanted chip so they can track you
The most prevalent place for Gout to start is in the big toe. Feel it to see if it's really hot. If you can't stand to touch it even a little bit (like the atmosphere moving hurts it) then you most likely own gout.
Otherwise, it could be a pulled muscle, bunnion, or arthritis.

I pulled the tendon in my second toe one time, but it feel like I had broken my big toe. The ER incorrectly diagnosed it as gout and the drug almost killed me.
Make sure when you go to the doctor, that you describe EXACTLY what you get the impression or don't feel there. This will acquire them closer to a diagnosis, because toe/foot injuries are sometimes hard to figure out even for doctors. (And remember: they can't perceive a thing, so they don't really know where it hurts, you enjoy to tell them exactly what it feels close to!) Source(s): Experience with foot injuries.
I think its possibly bunians you should probably walk see a doctor they could really help you.
You probably have gout(high uric acid). You need to see a doctor or receive some lab tests.

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