I broke my ankle, but I still want to Skateboard...?

so about 3-4 months ago I rolled my ankle right on the tail of my skateboard, and I pretty much fractured my ankle.. but the doctor said its still a break even tho it wasnt completly broken off...

My ankle is done medicinal, i can walk, jog, run alittle.. I still hold alittle soreness I can feel sometimes when I try to run faster, its not that bad though. My cross-question is am I still going to be able to skateboard? The fracture was alittle bit bigger than a spine line.. it wasnt to bad tho, when I broke it since I went to the hospital I could move it around and bend my toes still. So im guessing its not that bad.

My plan is to start skateboarding again contained by January to give it some time for my ankle to be in full condition again. Can I still skate? or will it break to graceful this time around?
ya, it will break easier, no concern how bad you break something it will still hurt just a short time for a long time, the quicker you resume skateboarding the more it will hurt, ask your doctor when they think you could start again. Source(s): i broke my wrists snowboarding and it still hurts i tiny bit... 2 years later
It will be easier for it to break. Ask your doctor how long you should wait. If you skate too hasty you could damage it really bad next you won't be able to skate for a while. Wear a brace on it when you do go skating.
first, believe the person who said it will not be easier to break again, as she is correct; after a break, the bone calcifies where the break be, and the original break is actually stronger than the surrounding bone.

second, ankles are not merely about the bones. there is soft tissue near, too, tendons and ligaments. those are what give you your strength and flexibility, and help you keep up your balance. it is possible that in optional extra to braking your ankle, you may also have injured your ligaments.

after ankle injuries, physical therapy is adjectives, particularly to improve go together and proprioception (awareness of the location and position of your body part in space). these two things are amazingly important for someone riding atop a rolling skateboard. you may want to ask your doctor about physical treatment, and make sure your doctor knows that you desire to return to your influential lifestyle, including skateboarding.

additionally, ankle braces that provide lateral (side to side) stability are very helpful when returning to physical amusement. look for one that laces, and has "integer 8" straps (straps that go down, around, and back up the side of the foot, on any side.) these braces provide stability support, while providing flexibility, and they fit comfortably inside the shoe. the are designed to mimic the figure 8 ankle taping to be exact done for athletes.

one final note...i badly sprained my departed ankle in january of 2007 while walking in skate shoes. i wore one to the doctor (the other foot be in a cast) and the doctor said that they provided no support to my ankle at all, and be just as bad as, except worse than, wearing no shoes at all. make sure that you are wearing shoes that provide at least possible some ankle support if you are prone to ankle injuries; skateboarding puts a lot of strain on your ankles.

the bottom line for you is: use some adjectives sense. don't do things that make your ankle hurt very defectively. some soreness is not uncommon, but remember that pain is your body's course of saying something is wrong. you should be able to return to skateboarding, as long as you listen to your body, and create sure you are taking care of your ankles.
Duct tape fixes everything!
the probability of it breaking again in the same spot is unbelievably slim the regrowth of calcium on the break line actually net it stronger than it was before. You do enjoy to give it enough time to alleviate completely though.
You should probably know how to skate once January rolls around, but make sure to ask your doctor first, and consider wearing an ankle brace so you don't hurt it again. It will be easier to break again.
It will be easier to break it for awhile because it takes time to regain your set off after an ankle injury, especially since you probably had to stay off of it for awhile. Ask your doctor how soon you can obtain back to skateboarding without hurting yourself.
Yeah i have have the same problem in former times, although my ankle is a little more at risk i usually just strap it up next to bandages before i skate or acquire one of those ankle supports from a sports store. They dont impair movement too much and will add some stability to the ankle so should be able to skate from in a minute really if you properly support it, just dont go for anything too big, in recent times start doing small stuff then build it up to the level you be are before your accident. It sounds as if your ankle is pretty much fully heal as you have full movement and you are able to run on it.
dont be foolish wait 4 it 2 fuly make well then start or u may screw it up worse

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