How do i know if i broke my arm?

I was playing football on the school squad when a kid hit my arm with his helmet to my arm.After he hit me I felt approaching I was gona vomit.It doesn't look broken but I cant move it.So is it broken?
get an x-ray
The only channel you can be sure is with an X ray.
Have it xrayed.
try kicking yourself surrounded by the teeth
if it is broke, get it checked out
it turns purple and u can't move it
it doesnt sound like its broken, but you should be in motion to the doctors and get it checkd out, just incase! polite luck!
The best thing for you to do would be to go to the doctor or hospital but i can enlighten you that i have had a total of six broken arms over the years, contained by my opinion the best way to detail the difference between a fracture or muscle damage is if you put a bandage on it and preserve it completely still for awhile the pain should almost go away if it is broken where on earth as if it is in the muscle it will continue to hurt! Regardless of the outcome of this try-out i still suggest that you see a doctor as it could be both a fracture and muscular!! Source(s): Had 6 broken arms
If you can't move it, go to the doctor! This is not a well brought-up sign. You want to get it checked because some breaks can cause impertinence damage or blood vessel / circulation problems.
Probably not broken but fractured or sprained, Just go see a doctor instead of asking a question in the order of it
go to the doctor.

Id it starts swelling i would definitely be concerened.
me too! i be tumbling and it wasnt striaght and i put all my weight on it
it hurts for approaching one whole week.
i have alike problem sorry.
first of adjectives, you need to see a doctor. and then if it be broken you'd b in excruciating pain! it's probably sprained.
You probably have a fracture. The good report is it won't take as long to heal as if it be broken, but you really should get some x-rays done.
umm y dont u just go to your parents if you be in motion to school you probably live with your parents unless you show college then just turn get an xray Source(s): ME
I deduce it might be but you might have to see a doctor!!
yes it is.
grasp it checked out it could be a fracture.
probably badly bruised
or sprained
It is probably sprained. I would move about to the doctor. I hate saying that because explicitly what everyone says but in this travel case I think you should. When I broke my arm, you could tell it be broken because it had a huge dent going downward.
it will hurt for a while it is just a reaction from hitting a impertinence
there maybe a bump but dont be alarmed
rob advil and if it still hurts soon get an x ray Source(s): i play football hockey and lacrosse
Broken arms are exceptionally painful injuries and rarely life-threatening emergency. Learn to recognize a broken arm to decide how to respond to it.
Signs and symptoms of a broken arm:

cramp (almost always present)
deformity (arm appears out-of-place)
numbness or tingling
broken skin beside bone visible
limited mobility of the arm Source(s): http://firstaid.just
the only way to explain to is you go the ER and have an X stream done.
If you are asking then you didn't break your could enjoy a fracture though!

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