Is it possible to bruise your ribs from profuse vomiting?

I have terrible insurance, and terribly I work for insurance company United Healthcare, so I don't want to spend money on deductible to just have a doctor hoot at me. I vomited 11 times on Sunday, at some points so hard that I couldn't move out of bed, so then subsequent day I was in poor health and my ribs are sore on both sides. My grandkids got over there flu bug faster, but consequently vomiting again today. I am nausaus, but careful not to eat too much, of late saltine crackers and sipping white soda. But just breathing deeply hurts, and laughing is really raw. Just sitting upright even hurts after an hour or so. I've thrown up plenty in my vivacity, but never had this happen beforehand.
You have merely strained your inercostal muscles (the muscles inbetween your ribs) Just drink lots of water, (stay away from the "white soda" it will simply make your blood suger go lower. Try something starchy close to crackers or bread. Also broth can supply you a bit of protein too. Hove you feel better soon :-) Source(s): Paramedic, BS Emergency Medical Care
yes it`s possible but ample with the white soda you need to try to drink hose,to hydrate your system before they cart you past its sell-by date to the hospital,it would`nt matter if they laughed or not.
When you vomit your muscles contract very tough at time violently, this will cause twinge. This pain usually goes away beside in a couple of days but it has be known to last for a couple of weeks. Like over doing exercise. It will bring time but you will get over the pain.
if you can run it Taking some thing like advil or Tylenol near help with the discomfort.
Using roast hot water bottle (please fill it next to water that while hot you can put your hand contained by without burning yourself do not use boiling water)
Using a heating wad do not sleep with it.
Taking a warm shower or thaw out bath.
Some people find using a muscle rub near help
Some times it take time to acquire over the flu and kids tend to get over it allot faster.
When you are older it take time to recover from the flu.
To help near your tummy.
drink clear fluids
if you drink mint tea it will help with the green about the gills feeling.
chamomile tea will also help.
if you are greatly sick to your tummy do not eat anything
sticking to clear fluids will help beside your tummy
Jello/ Popsicles/ clear broth/ ginger ale is very good as Ginger help settle your tummy.
once you have not vomited for at least 24 hours you can start to make the addition of soft foods
like pudding/ice-cream/ cream soup made with water/ custards/ crackers/ plain toast or next to a little jam no butter.
start beside something small and do not over do it.
once you feel better do not go over board next to the food or you can get sick again. Source(s): Personal experience
in condition care field
strained muscles - you'll be fine
I don't reflect on it's really your ribs... it's because when you vomit all your stomach muscles contract. I know the feeling you are discussion about... it will go away contained by a few days...
your ribs are probably not bruised but the muscles are probably really sore
if you are sore to the point where it hurts to breathe for more then a few days, after yeah, you could have sprained some rib cage muscles, and explicitly no fun.

I did that once with a single sneeze!

Luckily a chiropractor was ready and able to put everything back within place - no more pain except for a a little rime and rest, but at least I could breathe again. Took about 30 second.

Something similar may have happened to you.
It is probably not your ribs.
It might be strained muscles surrounded by the abdominal area.
Possibly the diaphragm was herniated.
If it still bothers you, it would be contained by your best interest to see a physician or go to the ER.
It isnt your ribs but your muscles. I vomit closely as I have stomach issues. I used to vomit at least once a month particularly bad as you described. Thanks to good ol' pepcid it's in the order of once a year if less. I projectile vomit when my food doesn't digest right.

That same feeling happen to me and my capillaries on my face break too if it is rock-hard vomiting. It'll go away in a few days simply take it easy and plenty of fluids.
you can and you can crack them also from vomiting or coughing

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