Why does bedbugs don't bite me but bite my other kith and kin member?

i have bed bugs in my home within my bed and my grand mother's couch and in my parents bed but th most bedbugs i ever found be under my bed but the bed bugs never EVER bit me and they always bite others......the solitary thing bed bugs do is **** ON ME! and i am SERIOUS there be one bed bug which was just sitting within my hand so i thought it was biting me and i tolerate it bite me but then it started to move and left astern a small black DOT and when i touched it the dot just turned into BLOOD sooooooo...can anyone explain to me why does the bed bugs don't bite me but **** ON ME?!
If the little dot was bloody afterwards it might have been eggs... I'm not an expert on bed bugs but count you blessings that they don't bite you! I enjoy the opposite problem with mosquitos. They single bite me!. ha ha.

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