How do you pop your legs to do a split..?

please help...and please dont say you call for 2 strech n b flexible.i just want to pop my legs and get it done next to...please and thankyou
"Pop my legs and get it done with?" LMAO...

Learning how to do a split, isn't purely "popping" into a split and going on with your business. You might be in throbbing if you do that...Most likely...Anyway, it's a process.
Don't. If you succeed in doing that, you will tear your muscles, and hold to go to the hospital. If you want to avoid that, then you have need of to go slowly. Everyday try to go a bit farther down (but not to much, if not you will hurt yourself.) Source(s): Myself, Health Class.
Wellllllll, if you DO succeed in doing the splits on the first try, you no doubt will verbs muscles and tear soft tissues. Then it will hurt and you won't do them again.

But on the off appendage you want to be able to do them again, you will need to work your course into them by um,..stretching and becoming flexible over time. Source(s): Former gymnast. Former gymnastics coach.

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