How to treat a minor burn? (Hair straightener)?

So my straightener got my thumb stuck along the plate, and then get wedged between the wall and the sink, so it was at hand for a good 30 seconds, and I hold a burn up my thumb.
It's just rough now, since it's pretty natural. (Like half hour ago at most)
I have it wrapped surrounded by a cold cloth, but it HURTS.
Like it's throbbing and I'd rather chop my thumb OFF than deal next to it.
I already took motrin.
What do I do?
You involve to firstly put ice on the burn. After about an hour try rubbing zinc oxide cream on the burn which will assuage the pain and help it to make well Source(s): Am nurse and aromatherapist
Apply either aloe vera or neosporin. That's all you can do really and yea motrin or tylenol fo the backache. =). Once it starts to scab apply cocoa butter so it doesn't leave a scar.
Dont put ice on the burn because ice can in truth cause more damage (frostbite) , a cool cloth is a great opinion but cool running water will work better.

keep the burn verbs, you can apply some neosporin, they make some that has and anesthetic within it,
tylenol or ibruprofen will work well for the pain as very well
If you have any Aloe Vera in your garden break some stale and spread over burn.

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