My eyes burn every time I shower!?

Every time I take a shower my eyes BURN - REALLY BADLY and I start sneezing uncontrollably.
I amount it must be something in the water here. My boyfriend used to live within this area and when I'd shower at his house, the same article would happen. We lived together on the other side of town and I was fine. Now, we've moved rear legs to this area (different house than he lived in before) and alike thing is happening again! It's physically scratchy to shower now and it's impossibly to relax during my shower time.
Any idea why this happen?
Do you feel the water to be harder or softer? The softer the hose is the more slick or soapy it feels.

Have you considered utilizing shower water filter?
I suspect it may be that the area may have a complex chlorine concentrations than the other side of town.

In choosing the model it is important that the filter can also reduce the chlorine content - not with the sole purpose remove particles.

I haven't used one yet and am cautious which may be better or the most cost effective. I could not find them rated but in to double check.

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