My bug bite have a ring around it?

I have a bug bite on the side of my hip and it kinda looks like a pimple but next there is a red ring around it. I did just return with back from camping resembling a week ago and today is when i noticed this one the most, I have other bug bites which arn't as bleak but they are very strange. Some have the rings around them and after others have several bumps. I am manly concerned about the one on my hip. Please consent to me know. Thanks
If it was a tick bite and it turns black and blue u should get tested for lyme disease. If it swells or the red nouns enlarges you should also get it checked out. You may merely be irritating it from scratching
Have you any idea what benign of bug it was biting?

The bumps may be the site of the bites. Depending on where you live and where on earth you were camping the problem could be more than basically annoying.

You probably need to see a doctor for a definite diagnosis. The ring around some of them could indicate an infection and wishes to be addressed with an antibiotic.
It could possibly be a tick bite due to the tell tale rings around the bite but that usually occur with ticks infected with lyme diseases. If you own any noticeable symptoms that accompany these bites I would unequivocally contact your doctor and have it checked out. For now a moment ago monitor things and make sure that the bites don't get worse looking and that you don't hold any unusual pains or feel sick.
Yes nearby is a good chance it is a tick bite if it looks approaching a target with a "bullseye" in the middle and rings arount it you should probably stir to the doctor and get it checked out to make sure you do not enjoy lyme disease.
Any prospect it is a tick bite? If there is a chance, you should jump to a doctor and get some medication (See Lymes disease). If it's just mosquito bites, a short time ago use some neosporin ointment on it for a week or so and see a doctor if it gets worse. Good Luck.

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