Is it unpromising if you squeeze the puss out of a spider bite?

I dont know if its a spider bite but im sure it is.
no of course not the more you squeeze out the lower chance of you getting a worse infection. i once have one and i didnt squeez any out and i ended up have to bring back it lanced. believe me you dont want that so try to get as much out as you can
Spider bites don't get pus in them unless they become infected.
This can transpire if you scratch or pick at the bite.
Squeezing, scratching, or piercing any injury next to a pustule,
will generally prolong the healing process, and promote infection.
Infected bites and skin conditions will drain themselves contained by the
natural course of healing. Keeping the sore verbs, and perhaps
a topical antibiotic would be the best care.
For certain spider bites, Ice is the best treatment. They usually
heal nicely on their own surrounded by a couple or few days. Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
It is always good to squeeze puss out of anything, but surrounded by doing so, be careful to not cause injury. Puss is the accumulate waste of the battle between your immune system and the germ or agent which cause the eruption.

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