Jellyfish sting treatment?

My husband was stung my a jellyfish, what should i do?
Urine will not work on a jellyfish sting. Some victims own reported pain relief, but urine does not other have enough sharp to neutralize the venom. Use vinegar.

The Portuguese man-of-war is technically not a jellyfish, and the use of vinegar is controversial within the ocean floor first-aid community. Remove all tentacles from the sting site and rinse thoroughly (with sea sea or vinegar). Watch for confusion, chest pain, and weakness. Man-of-war stings can be extremely serious.

The most deadly jellyfish is the box jellyfish from Australia. Vinegar is definitely recommended for this species. If you suspect a box jellyfish sting, aim emergency treatment immediately. Source(s): http://firstaid.give or take a…
oh my.. jellyfish stings are tremendously painful.

oFor jellyfish stings, soak or rinse the area surrounded by vinegar (acetic acid) for 15-30 minutes to stop the nematocysts from releasing their toxins. If you do not have vinegar available, rinse in marine water,70% isopropyl alcohol, or Safe Sea Jellyfish After Sting(R) pain nouns gel. Do not use fresh water. Fresh water will effect the nematocysts to continue to release their toxin. For the same purpose, do not rub the area, apply ice or hot wet.

oApply shaving cream or a paste of baking soda to the area. Shave the nouns with a razor or credit card to remove any adherent nematocysts. Then reapply vinegar or alcohol. The shaving cream or soft mass prevents nematocysts that have not been activate from releasing their toxin during removal with the razor.

Good luck! Source(s):…
you pee somewhere the sting is
From past experience a friend got stung while snorkeling and one at open sea, we have two solutions. The first is to urinate on the sting. This is not an option that too many empire want to use, but depending where you are at it might be the only entry you have. The second option is to use vinegar or alcohol. We have vinegar and used that.

If there are severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and intense pain, aim immediate medical treatment.
pee on it
Scratch the stinger out with a credit card or other intent with a sharp corner. Submerge the afflicted area within white vinegar immediately.

This is a great site for more remedies. Assure him that it will only hurt for a bit, and it's crag won't be any more painful than a bee sting or lancet prick.
Adolf's Meat Tenderizer will take the sting right out.
Ron is right, urine has a chemical in it that reduce the pain.

urine is also sterile.
It depends on the type of Jellyfish:

Box Jellyfish and Irukanji Jellyfish (the Irukanji is very tremendously small, but the worst you can encounter):

1. Douse with vinegar, and stop the victim rubbing the stung nouns. Flood the affected area next to houshold vinegar to prevent further envenomation from unfired stinging cells.

2. Apply cold packs for anguish relief, and have the object lie down, at total rest.

3. Observe the victim closely for renovation in condition and consciousness.

Other Jellyfish sting ***OUTSIDE TROPICAL WATERS***

1. Remove the tentacles from the skin. Stop the victim rubbing the stung nouns. With your fingers, pick off any tentacles left on the skin to prevent further stings.


Apply Ice pack for pain relief.


If it is a minor sting, but torment relief is still needed aftr 10-15 minutes seek medical or ambulance assistance. Source(s): First Aid Emergency Handbook
gross, do not pee on where ever your sting is i.e. absolutely disgusting Source(s): EEW
reallt though
pee on it
men's urine take the pain away
it sounds disgusting but its true
Fill a cup or glass near vinegar and soak it for 20 minutes then use a napkin damp it and put some meat tenderizer on the spot, and after put some benadryl on it and bandaid on it. Source(s): Me
Seek revenge. Hunt down that jellyfish and kill it.
Unless he is going into shock because he is allergic to the venom, you simply treat it approaching any other sting. Put something soothing on it (like aloe vera).

Here's a tip in case it happen again. As soon as you notice the sting, grab some drizzly sand and rub it on the affected area. This will break up the stingers and achieve them off of you. The longer that they stay on you, the worse the sting will be.
pee on it. Im not even kidding. I learned it on the tyra show when they have doctors as a guest.
Try salt.
I heard that urinating on dependable bites get the venom f not dance to the ER and he can get a shot :)
Good luck... and ouch to your husband :)
use hot water

try pissing on it too
pour vinegar on it

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