Ear piercing still bleeding after 2 weeks!?

My ear isn't swollen nor is it sore. I've been rubbing it with Erythromycin twice a daytime and each time I take sour the back of the stud, theres a little bit of blood on my ear.

I dont know if thats average. There isn't any pain but im growing kind of concerned because most culture are yelling me that ear piercing are supposed to mostly heal surrounded by 3 weeks. Any suggestions? Should I be worried?
I believe you are supposed to keep the studs in for 6 weeks. you are simply suppsed to turn them when you clean them.. perhaps you removing them hasty is the cause of the bleeding. They are not healed through inside.
stop near the antibiotic.you could actually be making it worse.use alcohol wipes first.not cotton as the fuzz can capture stuck and cause more trouble.this is supposed to be the first thing you should enjoy done.dry blood is normal up to the first week but alcohol dries it up...helps coagolate your blood.erythomycin should be applied ONLY if here is a sign of infection..good luck! Source(s): nursing student

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