Spider bite or pimple?

i have something on my upper thigh that i believed to be a pimple, i popped it two days ago, but it didnt go away, my mother told me she would pop it beside a needle, and yesterday it got a cranium, and i tried to pop it again, i got alot of pus out of it, but there be still a hard lump under neath, my mother only tried to squeeze it, and draw the rest out with a needle, but at hand is still a very large(now larger than yesterday) bump underneath...

does this sound close to a pimple or spider bite?

also, ive read of some "drawing pastes" that will help draw out venom if it be a spider bite, does anyone have a recipe for this?

See a doctor if it continues. Stop popping it. Apply toothpaste for a home remedy.
If a red chain begins to appear definitely see your doctor, as it could be a sign of Staph Infection. [Rare]
i'm likely to bet its just a pimple, spider bites have a extremely distinctive bull's-eye appearance and either way it doesn't seem to be to be anything critical. Will pass in time.
Thats a spider bite and a fruitless one. I would see your doctor soon, because it can bloat up even more! I had to go to a plastic surgeon to achieve one on my neck removed from camping. As far as drawing paste, i believe you dont need them just help yourself to the medicine prescribed by your doctor and also this may shrink it instead of causing a drama.

Get an icy-hot or towel,

With icy hot: Put surrounded by oven for 2:30 minutes and apply to bite for 15 minutes

With towel: Wet in hot water and apply to bite for 15 minutes.
that sounds approaching it could be the beginning of a boil/staph infection. i've had several of those.. i would suggest going to your doctor to capture an antibiotic. SOOO many people mistake staph infections/boils as spider bites, but they aren't. its an infection that requests to be treated.
try googling boils, staph infections etc.
try not to squeeze it or mess with it. don't put anything cold on it for the soreness, heat works better. it expands the fluid inside (gross, i know) and make it easier for the pus to come out.
i might be wrong, but that sounds exactly like what i've experienced and i had to receive on antibiotics.

good luck.

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