Swollen eyelid from bug bite? Cold or heat up compress?

I was at the beach yesterday, and at nighttime adjectives the bugs came out. I have bites on my legs and arms, but they're basically normal and not that big.

But I also have bites on my frontage, two on my forehead that swelled up into huge bumps, and one on my eyelid that got swollen overnight. I woke up and my eye was hermetic half shut. What do I do?

I have afterbite, but I don't know if that help with the swelling. Should I ice it, or use a thaw towel compress?

Also, how long do you think the bite will last? Thanks!
cold- it stops swelling
no, use warm compresses, get a towel and use heat up water in it and compress it on your eyes, this will bringthe swelling down, trust me. not cold because it'll iritate you
Take some Benadryl, and alternate cold and heat compresses, which first constricts and then dilates local vessels, to enjoy the effect of "pumping" the swelling out. Start with cold for 20 minutes, and leave a couple hours between the cold and heat applications. Then do 20 minutes with warm, etc. A cortisone emolument can also be used topically to reduce the swelling. Or, if you have Preparation H you can apply it, which constricts the vessel locally and also reduces swelling.
You should see results within the sunshine. Source(s): RN
thaw tea bag and No after bite

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