Why is within white skin around my cut?!!??! INFECTION?

I cut myself yesterday and the cut is about a 1/2 inch wide and more or less 1/4inch deep and it's on my thumb. I wrapped it in a fastening aid when it stopped bleeding yesterday and I took off the band aid and replaced it today when I notice my skin around the cut/thumb has turned white. When I took the band aid stale for a 5 minutes the whiteness started to go away but is still there? Is this majority or an infection!?

Please help
its moist skin. thats how it looks when its moist. like when your fingers get wrinkly contained by the water. just consent to it air dry and it will turn back to middle-of-the-road.
thats ordinary, it just meens that your thummb hasn't been getting the usual amount of nouns that it gets with no bandaid on it. it will be fine only give it a day to grasp back to normal but hold on to the cuit lean.
It's fine, it's just the mode it gets under a bandaid when pallid and air aren't getting to it as usual. Put a bandaid on when you need to maintain out dirt or germs (during the day when you are doing your normal things) but pinch it off for a while in the evening and consent to air get to it. Generally when I own a healing cut on a finger I leave the bandaid on during the daytime, take it off at bedtime, bathe it out and leave the bandaid off at dark. If it's still painful enough that you have need of something on it, you might try wrapping your finger lightly in gauze to hand over it some cushioning but letting more air get to it.

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