Ground bee sting won't stop itching?

I got stung on the foot by a bee, and I am mildly allergic. My foot swelled but it was controlled. Its immediately 2 days later and the itching is maddening. Its 'disrupting my life' insane. I can't wear a shoe or sock and I can't sleep. The blush in the area and the itching go from one side of my foot to the other and I'm literally ripping holes in my foot scratching. Topical anti-itch cream (2% diphenhydramine hydrochloride) does NOTHING! Taking benadryl does little. Using a meat tenderizer cement is what I did when I got stung and that didn't seem to do anything any. Sting Zapper only works for a minute. Are these Texas bees super bees? We just moved here and never enjoy gotten stung by a local one.

Is there any other kind of home remedy I can try? This is getting ridiculous. My husband keep yelling at me and telling me that I'm spreading the poison and delay healing (I don't even know if thats true) but he's not one the with the damn sting and I'm going out of my mind here! Help!
sounds like you,re have a bad reaction. see a doc asap. benadryl usually works.
While it sounds like you may be have a prolonged reaction to the sting, the worrisome details you mention are 1) swelling 2) redness. Both may indicate a subsidiary infection of the skin that may need to be treated with an antibiotic. Steroids will help out if this is a simple reaction to the sting but do not help to control infections. I recommend visit you doctor or an urgent care clinic for further evaluation. As I am sure you are aware, simple skin infections if left untreated can be extremely dangerous.
Well there are a few things you can do. The first item you need to do is sanitize the area. If you haven't done so, you inevitability to wash the affected nouns with soap, and clean it beside alcohol. Make sure it is sanitized so it won't become infected.

Secondly you can take antihistamines. Benadryl may be helpful because it decrease the symptoms.

Finally you may want to try a couple of these methods.

Put ice or a cool, wet compress on the inflamed nouns.

Soothe the inflammation with a paste made from baking soda and dampen. Apply calamine lotion to help relieve itching and pain.

If none of these work, next you need to consult your physician. Source(s):…
transport an anti-histamine like benadryl
Baking soda and rime is good first aid, but you are beyond that.

Take some benedryl or other anti histamine by mouth, should have help but it hasn't. so now you are at plan B.

There is only one other home remedy I can come up with of to stop the itching, but it is quite painful. I've used it on severe poison ivy, when I be being stubborn about not going to the doctor..

you infuse the itchy spot in the hottest water you can tolerate, for as long as you can give somebody a lift it. or apply very hot moist wash cloths.

the roast makes all the little histamine receptors fire rotten at the same time and you will itch all at once intensely. Then... they are adjectives used up and you will get peace from the itch for as long as 4 hours or more.

The heat will be impossible for the bite, so throw ice back on it to bring down the swelling.

Drink sleepytime or chamomile tea, it help you with the antsy feeling. There are stronger herbal teas out in attendance, but these are quite safe.

Really taking steroids is a much easier process to go. :)

You probably should call your doctor, who will grant you a course of steroids to knock the allergic reaction down. It can run away from you, if it gets discouraging enough.

We get more allergic to bee stings as we be in motion along, so you may need to get an epi pen to liberate your life if it gets serious on you subsequent time you get stung..

Ask your allergist.
Just got over sting within 3 places under sleeve. Went crazy. Got antihistamine and a suave from Dr. I couldn't stand it, the benadryl worked good at hours of darkness. If you go to the drugstore you might find treatments for after bites in the sector with insect sprays. I didn't find that until after going to the Dr. The home remedies didn't help me. I slapped that bee three times below my shoulder sleeve and each time he stung and it hurt like crazy. It will give somebody a lift a few days before you get nouns.

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