Please help, i am very worried immediately. I accidentally stabed my right hand palm with a pencil, the entire tip be in my palm, about 1cm. (just visualize the length of the black part of the tip of a sharpended pencil) i imediately took it out, rinse near water, rubbed with alcohol, and very soon its left alone. it didnt bleed much, and i dont think anything be stucked in the wound. I heard its not really made near lead, and is poisonless, so im not too worried about that.
but what should i verbs about?
what should i do now?
i hear you'll get a black spot on the wound even after it heals, what is it?
please bequeath me any information you may have about this experience!
appreciation very much!
This isn't an emergency. Pencils are made of graphite, not front. Just clean the wound, cover it with a sterile bandaid, and go it be. Source(s): Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and pre-med student
you know those mechanical pencils? i be accidentally stabbed with one of those a couple of years ago.
the lead go into my leg (i dont know how much)
i still have a black/greyish mark where on earth it is
and its been about 4 years
but i own never seen a doctor about it. Source(s): personal experince :)
Generally, penetration wounds should be explored and irrigated underneath local anesthetic; however, 1cm depth shouldn't be too bad.

You might, however, want to double check your tetanus jab. Have you have one in the last 10yrs? If not, you should probably jump and get a booster from your GP.
its not that dangerous since pencil lead isnt really organize, it's graphite. the only thing you might wana verbs about in infection.

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