Hi, i got stung on wednesday morning at 0800 am and its now impulsive friday morning and i have a red, roasting hot, itchy and painful patch which is more or less 6 inches diagonally and 6 inches vertically around where the sting is (it stung me twice in indistinguishable area as i can see two tiny holes).
When i got stung, i only just felt the sting, then my leg go dead a few times and i got shivers consequently i went too hot and after that i was ok.
The nouns is red, feels hard, swollen and amazingly hot, and its sore to walk around even tho the sting is on the side of my calf. Is this a normal sensitivity to a wasp sting or is it infected or what??
Not normal nouns like an allergic reaction to the toxin. Put an antibiotic ointment on it. If no improvement within 3 days see the doctor.
It's probably not infected, if it was, you would have oosing white puss coming out of your sting spot. It sounds similar to you had an allergic reaction. The same entry happens to me, I take some Benadryl and that other helps a lot. (liquid Benadryl works the fastest.) You might try that, it will probably transport the itching and the patch on your arm away. It will probably take the heat away from it too; any way it should help profoundly. But it may make you a little drowsy. :)
I would suggest keeping an ice pack on it as it could just be inflamed from the wasp toxin. If it still hurts after the weekend then you should get see by a doctor.
that is huge xD. My bites never get above close to 2 inches. Your blood must be more sensitive to wasp stings. Its probably no infective with anything else serious other than the poison, unless this isn't conventional for you either. Ice it and wait is really adjectives you can do. You can put some ointment on it to ease the itch, but time really covers this compassionate of stuff.
Yeah you could be ALLERGIC.

In that case you NEED TO GO GET A SHOT AND MEDS NOW!! Source(s): [alergic to bee and wasp stings] same article happend to me
well, it depends actually. As a precaution, verbs the wound and use a marker to show the area of the flush. Trace the outside of it. If the redness starts going towards your heart, i would contact a docter. From what it seems, its singular a reaction. Keep it clean.

im lone 15 but had a internship and something similar to this hapened.
The same thing happened to me in the region of a month ago. I took some Benadryl every 5 hours and put ice on it to reduce the swelling. It should step away but if you feel in the least possible like it is getting hard to breath or you are dawn to swell all over go to the emergency room. Otherwise, some Benadryl for a sunshine or two will do the trick.
Run around in a circle 30 times, do 15 jump jacks, and then poke it 10 times. Should cure it. Source(s): I don't know.
If you got stung on wednesday, and it's lone gotten worse, go to the doctor- wasps often get staff infection, which requires antibiotics. Make sure you go to the doctor as soon as possible!
Wasp stings can do this. You should take a benedryl and aspirin and get a devout night's rest and it will be ok in 24 hrs but still itchy
No. it's basically the after effects of the sting.

Put hot cloths on it, as warm as you can stand, as often as you can stand. Then when you travel to bed put a dot of toothpaste (preferably a pasty kind rather than gel) right over the sting spot.

It should be o.k. surrounded by a couple of days.

If you begin to feel worse, or get the impression really ill, or it's not better in a couple of days, see a Doctor. Source(s): P.S. Damp hot tea plenty work too.
That's too bad... Looks like you're late.

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