PLZ HELP!! i pulled a hangnail, in a minute my finger is infected... what do i do?

2 weeks ago i pulled a hangnail (or that piece of dead cuticle) off of my pin and it started bleeding. now it is infected, like swollen & purple around my fastener. i can barely touch down on anything with that finger. Yesterday some puss come out of it, but not alot.. i tried squeezing it out but it hurts too bad. what can i do to make it walk away?
soak it contained by battery acid.
wow i hate to vote this trust me i do but if you do not get it treated it may lead to amputation because its purple but it may not please rush
two choices: One thing to do is soak the finger in a thaw out bath 3 times a day it will be aware of so much better. choice one take a sewing needle and sterilize it by using a lighter and burning the tip until it is red. agree to it cool down dip it in rubbing alcohol and poke the puss bubble where it is white. if you look closely you will see for a while white section that's what you poke. squeeze out all the puss until it bleeds. alot will come out and it probably will stink. afterwards take peroxide and pour it on the area it will bubble alot. it will hurt at first doing it but afterwards it will feel soooo good after approaching instant relief. but the problem with this is if you don't perfectionism for the area. it could reinfect and become worse the second time around. choice two is go to a doctor get hold of antibiotics and have it go away that course or the may lance it(cut it open and drain it). I used to return with these all the time(chronic nail biter) but since my ultimate infections i have stopped biting my nails. my finger get so bad the pus went to the final of my thumb my skin peeled off and it hurt. i be even on antibiotics and it came back but my suitcase was bad. i have chronic paronychia . i use cuticle oil to keep my cuticles able-bodied. my nail was undermined and is all bumpy on the side where the pus be. it is still growing out. almost there thank goodness! Source(s): here is for a time on paronychia…
Go see a Doctor!! Duh!
Soak your finger in warm hose down and clean it really well, breed sure you use an anti-bacterial soap. It's best to use one made specifically for cleaning wounds.

Try to gently squeeze out some of the puss if you can, but if it is too painful next don't force it. Make sure you clean it thoroughly again afterwards.

Cover with a band-aid to label sure dirt and grime doesn't get into it. Also consider putting on an ointment such as Neosporin. Then hang about a couple of days and it will hopefully heal.

But if it doesn't heal soon, afterwards definitely go to a doctor. They may want to prescribe something to help clear up the infection. Source(s): Personal experience…
progress to the doctors?
apply coconut grease
it ll disappear in 2days

apply at night when u sleep

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