There's something stuck within my foot?

Well I went out into the backyard to play with my dog, and I wasn't wearing any shoes. on the bearing back inside, I got to the gravel catwalk leading to the door, and on the way within I think I stepped on something and now there's a black spot surrounded by the sole of my foot. There's definitely something in within, but it really isn't very big; I thought I'd ask what to do about it, because there's nil sticking out so I can't get it, and a lot of relatives have gotten really freaked out before almost things stuck in feet.
Since you don't know exactly what you stepped on, I would read out see a Dr., about getting whatever it is taken out! If your foot get Infected, that's when you will start to see more problems with your foot. Better to get it treated, in the past it gets to that point!
you have three option
1: dig it out yourself with a syringe and tweezers
2:wait for it to work its way out on its own which it will do after a while, I don`t know two-four months
3:go to a podiatrist and have him remove it.

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