My burn blister popped?

Its on my arm and It was a big one and two little ones nasty.anyway i popped it on fluke and it leaked then i put that gel stuff or anything but do i have to cover it?
that's good now it will adjectives be well soon.
You necessitate to follow these four steps regarding your popped blister:

*If you need to puncture it or if it breaks on its own, verbs the area with soap and sea or Betadine.

*Avoid peeling any skin off the blister; this can front to an infection and delay healing.

*Cover the exposed blister next to a thin layer of antibiotic rub and dry sterile gauze.

*Change the gauze regularly and watch for signs of infection, such as pus or redness. Source(s):…
Actually, exposing it to air will abet heal it quicker. Put some antibiotic cream (neosporin) on it after you thoroughly cleanse it, and allow it to heal. The with the sole purpose time I would recommend you cover it is if something were to irritate it such as clothes, environment (work), etc. And if you do have to cover it get hold of some sterile gauze pads 4x4's and tape it over the blister next to some type of medical tape. This will keep the nouns clean and still allow the wound to breathe and heal faster. hold the area cleaned daily to avoid any infections. Source(s): Paramedic
You don't have, too. But better should do to prevent infections and help the skin treat faster.
Watch The Video On you Tube It is give or take a few Blister Popped…………
I'd say merely use a bandaid..and make sure not to touch it anymore :P

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