Swollen lump/bite on arm?

near the crook of my arm and more near my elbow nouns, there's a swollen, itchy lump. at first it was small and i thought it was a mosquito bite but as the daytime wore on, it grew larger and large until the lump began to grow heat and firm. the lump it still itchy and large and now parts of my arm is painful. whats causing this exactly and do i need medical back straight away!?
My daughter usually gets bites too, so I understand how frustrating it is. It is regular for a bite to get red and itchy and usually the doctor tells you to provide it time. However, it should not spread past the bite location. Some spider bites are also known to wreak aches and pains on other body regions that were not biten. I believe it could be a spider bite. For very soon, wash the infected area fully, apply rime to it, and try as much as possible to keep it elevated. Get to the doctor soon! Hope you feel better.. Source(s): Experience
hi, first sorry for your torment, i would go to let it check contained by medical-center.
normally a mosquito bite is not acting like that!!
be fine again soon!

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