I cut my finger, do I needed stitches?

I just cut the tip of my thumb on a mandolin. I cut almost all the agency through the very tip of my thumb... I'd say 90% through. It didn't bleed much because I didn't clear the "flap" of skin... just put some poly on it and bandaged it.

Should I got contained by to the doc's for a stitch, or will the flap re-attach and heal? I'd rather it not dry out and spatter off and for me to have a gross, disfigured thumb.
I would of course see a doctor at the very least and consent to him/her decide.
Their medications are better later over the counter. Hopefully you can keep your whole thumb. Good luck.
Well, if you heating pad your thumb together with the flap, it is likely that they will connect (its unprocessed if the piece is still connected to heal). But, it is most likely that the piece that you cut will fall stale, but it will heal back to mundane shape. I DO recommend that you go see a doctor though, but you might not need stitches.
um either stitches or a bandage to serve you
You do not involve stitches unless you start seeing the white meat,and the wound is gaping open and very gaping.
HAHA, I don't reflect on your finger is going to fall off but I would most emphatically go to a walk-in clinic or your doctor and get it checked out to be sure. Some doctors wont stitch it unless it's bleeding frantically and others will stitch it just to be safe. So any way, go see a doctor as soon as you can. Source(s): LPN
call ur doctor and ask

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