My ear won't pop after flight?

I spent two days flying and have been home for give or take a few two days and my left ear won't pop. I had a disorientation and seem to have fought stale a cold bug but me ear is not at 100% should I wait it out or go to the doctor?
Take some Benadryl or any antihistamine. Next time run it before the flight. My kids both take it past every flight. It has worked for them since they were little.
Here are some things to try:
-Sucking on something like a life shareholder or a sucker, or swallowing
-Hold both nostrils 100% shut with your fingers and try to blow out your nose, nouns cant escape there so it pops your ears
-Open your mouth really wide to craft yourself yawn
-Put your head underwater and blow out, fill up your tub tub and try it.
-grab a hot water bottle, put hot water surrounded by it, go to sleep with your ear on it

Also save in mind popping your ears puts undue stress on the drum and can seriously impair your hearing due to drum and cone harmed inside the ear. Spray your nose with feeler spray, take some nasal decongestant (like sudafed)
It should go away on its own
own you tried gum? yawning repeatedly works as well. and so does plugging your nose and next blowing it.
Minty gum... You know the caring that makes your nose quality all funny when you breath through it while eating it.
Yeah that other works.

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