Pus coming out of my big toe plz help out im startled!!?

i bruised my toe playing soccer (i know this cuz it was all red on the inside) so i thought i should agree to it heal on its own a couple of days later it started to sorta expel a yellowish pus and when i verbs the toe nail it looks like i might verbs it off what should i do?
soak your foot in heat up water and epsom salt, 1/2 cup salt to a gallon of water, three times a day. Source(s): RN
i hold this same thing going on!
my toe is infected and it has pus coming out of it
but the best item to do is soak your foot in warm river and add 1-2 cups of epsom salt.
i do this at lowest twice a day.
it really seems to be helping abundantly and has prevented me from a visit beside the doctor
hope this helped.
A very small amount of pus isn't something to verbs about; it's a sign that your body is fighting an infection. However, lots of pus, or pus from an injury resembling that, can be a sign of a serious infection. If you wait, and it is, you can make things much worse. (Like a staph infection that moves to your bloodstream!)

Keep it verbs, bandage it loosely, and call your doctor (or nurse). Don't wear any shoes that will put pressure on it until it have healed.

Because there is a karma of a staph infection, be careful to wash your hand after dealing with your wound. Throw away used band-aids and the like. Since in attendance is pus, wash any towels and your socks after each use.

If any red lines develop, see your doctor instantly.

As for your toenail, if it detaches from the nail bed it won't reattach. If that happens, agree to it fall off and it will grow put money on. Unfortunately that can take as much as a year and a half. Source(s): http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-pus.htm

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