How long does cocaine affect your body?

It's been 5 years since I touched a drug. Did coke for 2 months like every other weekend. I seem to be to have anxiety attacks and I always ponder I am dying cause I used the stuff 5 years ago. Is that normal? I enjoy been to numerous doctors that say it is basically anxiety. I have had EKG's, stress assessment, blood test and all and they speak my heart is very healthy. So why do I still have a feeling pain? Is it just anxiety? It never happen until 5 years ago when I used the stuff.
Careful!! You might start to grow fingers out of your ears
In my feelings long term use of cocaine may affect your body for years to come (physically & emotionally). However in your overnight case it seems that the harm have remained in your mind (emotional) and this is certainly possible.
It would be usual for you to still 'dream that you are using' and your mind and body although asleep will feel the effects of the drug and the anxiety that the expectations of its use produces in such a authentic manner that many may find unyielding to believe.
Cocaine is injurious not only to your brain but also to your body and you will just enjoy to keep on as you say, 'keepin away from da stuff, man.'
Somewhere contained by your body there still remain traces of the drug, in my belief. Jose Source(s): The wrong choices have long and enduring dreadful consequences that he will hopefully overcome throughout the rest of our Life's Drifts. Jose
Well I wish I could give a hand you, all I can say is win professional help, probably a good doctor, pychologist, or something. Well, dont ever do drugs, it might be the train for you. Just remember, NEVER do drugs!
it might have triggered something in your brain, or it be bad stuff(cocaine rat poison or something)
supply it more time hopefully you Will get over contained by general causes anxiety
its probly anxiety and your doctor can supply you meds for that, and do yourself a favor, please dont do that crap anymore, it will ruin your life
no thats not normal if you where still doing it i would speak it takes twenty four hours to leave your system but five years ago and still have anxiety attacks and feel like youre dying thats not typical you do not still feel pain its anxiety and its your imagination
The amount of time any drug can be detected in one's system can vary from human being to person and test to try-out. It certainly can also depend on the amount of the drug taken and when it was taken relative to the time of the trial. Keeping in mind that there is no 100% complex and fast rule for how long a drug will be in one's system, Cocaine can stay surrounded by your system for approximately 5 days

Your whole drug history is stored in your quill until it is cut. Some types of shampoo and bleaching of hair may remove drugs from the hair.
it's purely anxiety, and i know a lot about that stuff i used the "stuff" 4 a long long time even i be in jail cuz that s**** so, the article is that if you used coke as you sayd there's no way u where still underneath any kind of effect, i mean that's if it's true the reality that u only consume it for a couple of weekends.
i think u r underneath stress or something like that, the coke it's kinda a loaded gun. Source(s): so... if u r stupid and ready to dance on use it.
don't know.
if it's been 5yrs since you touched it.after it's not still in your body...but you knew that. You can litterally injure your brain from drug use...and probably that contributed to you having aniexty...

It definately sounds like ANIEXTY. WHAT IS CAUSING YOU TO FEEL ANIXOUS?? Certain things? Or everything?

You probably stipulation some meds, however you can try just talking it out near a therapist first. I was diagnosed next to an aniexty disorder right when I graduated HS...(1992)...I just worked through it after a year or so..I never go on meds. They freaked me out. Now, I totally have NO PROBLEMS WITH ANIEXTY! IT'S MIND OVER MATTER! DO you have aniexty attacks? Or freshly General Aniexty?
The use of cocaine could have forever altered your brain chemistry. You should fined a psychiatrist or therapist who specialized in drug treatment, you would probably respond all right to anti-anxiety drugs. See professional help!
Up to 72 hours.

How does using cocaine affect your body over time?

* Cocaine decreases the size of your blood vessels. This make your heart beat faster, and raises your blood pressure. Less blood and oxygen is competent to reach your organs. Cocaine also raises your body warmth. Snorting cocaine into your nose or rubbing cocaine on body areas makes the nouns constrict (get smaller). The areas may become damaged and scarred. The cartilage that separates the two sides of your snout may bleed, or a hole may develop.

* Long-term cocaine use may affect your brain, heart, lungs, stomach, and bowels. Cocaine may cause seizures (convulsions), a stroke, or movements that you cannot control. These may include organizer jerking, constant chewing, and frequent eye blinking. If you have quickly, jerky movements, and are unable to sit still, this may be call "crack dancing". Cocaine may cause an increased heart rate and blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat. You may also develop a heart infection (in-FECK-shun), or have a heart attack.

* Cocaine may mete out ulcers (sores) and scarring in your mouth and throat. You may hold symptoms of asthma (AZ-muh) including coughing and spitting up mucus. Your lungs may bleed, or you may get "crack lung". This is a condition causing restlessness, painful breathing, and coughing. You may develop holes in your bowel, or a stomach spot. If there is not enough blood, oxygen and nutrition reaching cog of your bowel, you may get gangrene (gang-GREEN). You may need to be treated next to medicine or surgery for these conditions. These conditions may be very serious, and you may die.

* People who try to make disappear cocaine in their bodies are called "body packers" or "mules". This may front to severe medical problems including bowel obstruction (plugging) that may need surgery. If the cocaine packet contained by the body breaks, it may cause cocaine intoxication, a large stomach sore, and death.

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