Why is my finger swollen?

my finger is red, and swollen, and it's tender to the touch. it hurts reallly bad! at first i thought it was an ingrown fingernail but i dug lower than the skin and there's nothing there. i can't dance to the doctor for that, he'll laugh at me...wat do i do? what can i do to not make it hurt.
here are the things i enjoy already done: peroxide, neosporian, bandaid.

try to put ice or something cold on it. but you should travel to a doctor if you don't know what happened to it Source(s): me
Well your finger can usually swell by the posture of your hand. Just sit down and don't mess near your finger. Get a glass fill it next to water and stick it in in that. The swelling will go down in a couple of days.

It's possible you could hold an infection. If it doesn't go down in a couple of days I would utter go to the doctor. He won't laugh at you if it's something small. Doctors won't do that to their patients.
My finger hurt on the tip of it and it hurt more each year. I finally went to the doctor for the tip of my finger and found out it hurt so much because it was infected inside and I could not see it. He give me medication for it. He stuck my finger and green guss came out.
Sweetie, Go to your local dollar store or drug store and get some Epsom Salt. Mix it with melt water and soak your hand. It will pocket out the redness and soreness. I hope this helps. You can use regular saline if you want, but Epsom Salt is better.
from a first aider point of landscape sounds like its infected.. doctors prob best.. and pain nouns, if not already..
I have an infection in my finger before, and I held contained by a dish of hot salt water to draw out the infection - consequently squeezed it :s lol i know that's disgusting- but it helped! :)
cause you touch yourself at night
Sounds like you enjoy an infection...have you tried Hydrocotisone
Go see a doctor to prescribe you antibiotics unless you want to lose your finger.
you might have sprained it!

stir to the doctor... he won't laugh because infections are serious
It sounds like an infection or something. I think that truly happened to me before. If you hold a cut that could be the problem. If not, the problem subsided in a day or two.
Try rime to stop the swelling
have you tried have your mom kiss it better? that always works for me. good luck
GO TO THE DOCTOR!! you might own a rare diease from Africa!! YOUR PAYING THE DOCTOR! and who cares if he laughs at u!
you really should bring that checked out it could be a spider bite

or it could be that you stubbed your finger with something and now its not medicinal cuz ur skin is stuck in the hole
idk if that makes sense but it does come up
if you dont get it fixed you could get blood poisoning (looks similar to red streaks going up ur arm) Source(s): twilight rocks!!

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