What to put on a burn?

i got burned by an iron and now it peel and its pink.what should i put on the burn?
loosely wrap gauze around the burn. VERY LOOSELY otherwise your skin could attach to the gauze. move out it alone and do not put anything on it or it could get infected or worse.
let your body alleviate itself. if the burn starts to get bad, progress to the doctor. Source(s): first aid training
Cover the artificial area with, aloe vera gel/cream or an antibiotic cream, (non grease based).
If necessary use a non-stick sterile gauze bandage (wrapped loosely) to prevent infection.
To lend a hand relieve pain, take an over-the-counter discomfort reliever, such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, etc.) naproxen (Aleve) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) or aspirin. Do not give aspirin to children or teenagers.
Minor burns should be watched for any evidence of infection, such as reddishness, fever, swelling, oozing or increased pain. If you awareness that an infection has developed, get medical attention. There may be some pigment change in the affected nouns. Most minor burns usually heal on their own without any principal complications. To keep from scaring hold the burn moist at all times with lotion or gel and save bandage. Do not let the burn dry out or scab over.Keep this road until well heal. This will preserve the scaring down.
Blisters should not be broken. By breaking blisters, you can cause a greater karma of infection.
When treating burns, it is not recommended to use ice. Applying rime directly on the burned area can further damage the skin or can wreak frost bite.
FOR MORE INFORMATION AND VIDEO GO TO: Source(s): http://www.emergencysuppliesinfo.com/fir…
You should make sure the burn area is kept verbs. Using a burn dressing ( soft pad with shiny nonstick surface to prevent sticking to wound) hold on to the area covered. After 24 hours from receiving the burn you may use burn cream available at most drugstores. If the burn is bigger than 2-3 inches within diameter, then you should go wish medical attention. They will need to give antibiotics and maybe fluids. If under 2-3 inches, then treat as above but scrutinize out for infections. If swelling or pus develops seek urgent medical help. Source(s): Paramedic & nursing student
Yes, Aloe Vera does help. But Polysporin works too. There are also unconscious liquid remedies for minor burns that I can't quite remember the name of, but they work as well. I feel your throbbing. I've been burnt really habitually.

Oh, and a word of caution. Next time, run the burn under cool hose first. Not blisteringly cold, just lukewarm, then little by little cooler. Do NOT use ice, and no butter and so.

Oh, and no harsh items resembling Peroxide or rubbing Alcohol Source(s): Myself. I've been burnt more times than I can remember.
Depends on your burn. It sounds like you have a wicked second degree burn. If it is only on a small portion of you, hold someone go to the store and get some sterile marine or distilled water. Take gauze soak it in the sterile or distilled hose down. Place on burn, then wrap some type of roll dressing around that if possible. Always keep hold of it moist with sterile or distilled water. Wait a hours of daylight and then put on a non-oil based cream. Oil base creams will keep the heat surrounded by and will make the burn worse. If the burn has effect a large portion of your skin (use your palm, if it is bigger than your palm the effect area) go to the ER at your local hospital, your loved ones doctor can not do much with that.
Aloe Vera. It helps sooth the pain and treat faster.

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