How to treat turf burn?

I have it on the back of my thigh and my leg.
Will it blotch? Thanks :)
1)Clean the wound promptly. By nature of the cause of injury, turf burns are other dirty. Wash the turf burn with soap and water and rub calmly with a gauze pad to remove adjectives the debris. Use plenty of water
2)Apply a bit of peroxide to the turf burn. The bubbles will comfort free more of the dirt. Do this to remove the initial dirt but then not again. Peroxide can actually munch through away tissue in open wounds. Do not soak surrounded by the peroxide for this reason. Wash with soap and marine once again and rinse well.
3)Apply iodine or triple antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and promote restorative of the turf burn. Apply a sterile bandage to keep dirt and ruins out of the wound.
4)Watch the turf burn for signs of infection. These signs can be raised red area around the wound, pus or red streaks which may indicate that the infection is spreading through the blood stream. If red streaks appear, you have need of to see a doctor right away to stop the infection
5)Remove bandage and cleanse daily. Reapply triple antibiotic liniment each time and apply a new sterile cold compress

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