What are the bug bites on my stomach?

I woke up one morning and found a small cluster of small bumps on my stomach, some of which have these little red spots that look like small cuts. It's be several days and they itch like crazy. What are they and how do I make them progress away?
sounds like flea bites?
they sound like spider bites... im guessing wen u be sleeping in ur bed u get bit (as gross as that sounds its happen to me too). apply lotion and bite cream for now, and if it gets any worse u should probably call on ur doctor. good luck!
It could be bed bugs. that's gross, I know, but it happens. Also... if you had any benign if activities outside, it could be chiggars.Chiggers do not burrow into the skin, but insert their mouthparts in a skin pore or hackle follicle. Their bites produce small, reddish welts on the skin accompany by intense itching as irritating as acute cases of poison ivory or poison sumac. These symptoms often are the only road of learning that an outdoor area is infested since chiggers are so small that most cannot be see without a magnifying cup.
they are probably just spider bites if it does look like a cut. if it looks approaching that because you scratched then it can be spider or mosquito. just carry some ointment for that at your pharmacy
a bug may have be carried somehow into your bed. Change the sheets and spray you bed with something that is intended for bed.
nouns like bites,put some tcp ao them

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