I hold Yellow Fluid coming out of my ear. Need relief please.?

Hello, as what I have said I have this pallid fluid coming out of my ear, I've searched here that it may be some kind of ear infection and that it is connected near popping ears, the thing is, my ears pop every time swallow or yawn and I had be like this as far back as I can remember, and I am 27 presently. What is wrong with me? What do I have to do? I'm afraid that it might be something serious, I don't want to jump deaf. T_T
It sounds like you had a simple ear infection and it is draining. If at hand is any pain you should see a doctor, you might need antibiotics. Try holding an almost hot wipe cloth to your ear and it will help it to finish draining. Do not stick anything in your ear strait! Source(s): I'm a nurse
Your audible range is very important, please stir to the doctor. Your ears should not pop every time you swallow. Do you have allergies? Even so, your tubes should not be blocked like that, at hand would be discomfort and pressure you have probably become used to. You may need your ears cleaned or drainage tubes or antibiotics. Which ever it is, you deserve a better talent of life. I have lost some audible range in one ear, so don't wait, run to the doctor.
CSF leak is not yellow, but a clear color, that can sometimes hold a twinge of blood in it. It is definately not yellow.

My daughter have a severe injury and had a CSF leak. She have a clear liquid dripping from her nose. It have also leaked into her ear causing deafness.

By the agency. She had suffered severe fractures to her skull, after getting thrown from a car..j
Having fluid draining from your ear is certainly not something people are accustomed to experiencing. Medically this drainage is certain as otorrhea, and it has many potential cause. In order to diagnose the cause of the drainage, it is substantial to know how long it has been taking place, how severe it is, and exactly under what circumstances it began. Let's pocket a look at some of the more common causes of fluid draining from your ear.

Otitis externa, certain more commonly as swimmer's ear, is a frequent cause of drainage from the ear. Swimmer's ear usually causes a wan, sticky, and very foul smelling discharge. Otitis externa is often associated beside pain, redness, and even swelling of the external ear. Movement of the cheek or external ear is often quite tender and prickly. Fever is seen frequently with otitis externa.

Another type of ear infection, otitis medium, involves an infection of the inner ear. Otitis media is capable of rupturing the tympanic membrane. The tympanic membrane is a bony and delicate structure which conducts sound into the inner structures of your ear. Otitis medium will often cause intermittent amounts of foul-smelling discharge from the ear. Some smooth of hearing loss, pain, nausea, and dizziness are see frequently as well.

Trauma to the ear or the side of the head can rationale drainage from the ear. This often causes the drainage to contain some blood. Blows to the side of the come first, or directly to the year are frequent causes of trauma.

People who suffer from allergies will often experienced drainage from their ear. This drainage is typically accompany by other symptoms of allergies such as nasal congestion, and itchy watery eyes.

There is an infection known as mastoiditis which is a adjectives cause of drainage from the ear. Mastoiditis will cause a low-grade restlessness and a dull aching just aft the ear. Yellow discharge is frequently seen during this infection. Also, the skin behind the ear will habitually become red and inflamed. This can cause the skin around the ear to put tension on the cartilage of the ear, cause tremendous discomfort. Some amount of hearing loss is seen frequently near mastoiditis.

Some causes of drainage from the ear are related to the skin and not the ear itself. Dermatitis in and around the skin of the external ear can create drainage on occasion. Contact dermatitis, such as what is seen when society have allergies to metal, is frequently seen contained by people who wear earrings containing metal Source(s): http://www.helium.com/items/942884-causeā€¦

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