Is aloe vera suppose to sting?

I have a sunburn all over my obverse so a friends told me to try Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel. I used it and it stung like mad for roughly 5 minutes. It's ok now, but my face feel stiff. Should I keep using it? Or isn't it worth it?
anything that stings isn't good although aloe vera is unconscious and great for sensitive skin if it hurts ur skin is telling u not to put it on again because its being irritated
The stinging can be the gel going into the burn to work. It is not really supposed to burn, but it depends on what degree your burn is.
I've always have problems with Aloe Vera, so I use honey and milk instead. Just mix equal parts honey and whole milk and apply that to your sunburn. The honey draws dampen back into your burned and dehydrated skin, and the amino acids within the milk help to take the sting away.

Hope this help!

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