This huge bug bite cause my wrist to draw from swollen and sore?

so yester i was at summerschool and all of a sudden my wrist started itching. when i get home, i realized that it started to get bigger so i put itching creme up to that time i went to bed. the next morning, it didn't grasp any better. it started to swell up later in the afternoon and it made my whole arm feel sore. i don't know what nice of bug bit me or if it was a bug that even bit me. maybe some description of plant? i'm not sure. i kept showing this to my mom but she keeps saying that i will be fine but really. my arm is opinion VERY sore. what should i do?
Try taking some oral Benadryl (just don't use topical Benadryl at the same time). Take a magnifying cup and a light and see if you can find a bite mark. Sounds to me approaching you may have been bitten by a spider, surrounded by which case you need to be see by a physician given your body's reaction to it. In the meantime, take the Benadryl and apply rime to the area to reduce dull pain and swelling.

Has the swelling gone down?

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