What to put on burns?

I just burned my thumb on a soldering iron and its like, a white blister looking fleck and hurts really bad! i ran it lower than water, put ice on it and Neosporin.
will it prevent scar?
Is there a way to prevent a mutilation?
there is not a way that I know of I would simply keep puttin ice on it every once and a while
i know this sounds gross but to help yourself to out the burn mustard works. put a little mustard on the burn and let it set for a bit. rub it surrounded by then after it drys wash it stale. If you have aloe vera gel but that on after. I burnt my leg really discouraging on a motorcycle one time and that is what i did and it helped. I did it for other burns i enjoy also had. I can not think of the cream the doctor give me to prevent scars thought. you can call a doctor and they can make clear to you.
Use a sharp nozzle to get the puss out of the blister, put a heap of sudocrem on it and cover it next to a plaster (if your american I think you call them bandage?) and leave it. When you take the plaster of it will itch abundantly but that is just the recuperative. As long as you leave it alone or keep it covered if you find it difficult it should be ok.
Do not apply anything to the burn until the heat has disappeared the injury site.

This could be for hours after the burn.

Putting most creams over the burn, including lidocane (which is the active ingredient that numbs the skin in some commercially available products approaching "polysporin for burns") will trap the heat and cause further wrong your skin.

These products CAN be used once the heat has subsided and the burning (note: burning, memo pain) has stopped.

Cool (not cold) water can be applied to the site to run down pain and heat person produced.

If the skin has turned white you unfortunately own a second degree burn which is the most painful of the burns (third point burns burn away the nerve endings so, while more severe, are roughly less painful except where on earth cratering is involved). You can protect istby loosely applying a dressing, for example gauze. Although it hurts, try not to apply any extremes in temperature to the injury - (ice, for example) - you risk further injury and will discern more pain eventually as a result.

As mentioned, once the burning has stopped (the site is no longer producing heat) you can use products close to neosporin or polysporin for burns to prevent infection and reduce pain and scarring. Source(s): Medical First Responder
aloe helps alot! if you can find aloe gel or an aloe plant, put it on the burn and consequently leave it alone! you can put the aloe in the fridge to cool it rotten and then put it on the burn if you want, it will cool it down and make it discern a little better
Don't put anything on it, if it has some black skin around it that's a third degree burn. Even a second scope burn (the blister) shouldn't have anything on it. It needs to stay verbs, use mild soap and lukewarm water but don't rub vigorously. Source(s): http://life.familyeducation.com/wounds-a…
you definately DON'T want to put neosporin on it-- it traps in the heat.

save it clean and uncovered for awhile. Source(s): nurse.
I put on ANY lotion that has Aloe contained by it! Its used for like sunburns and all that...hope this help! -Phantom's Mask

Can You answer mine?:
put aloe on it. i don't think in that is way to prevent scars. of late don't pickk at them.
Walmart carries an anti burn gel that works great for small burns. Takes away the aching and prevents blisters if applied soon enough. You can probably find it at any drug store I would guess.
Put Peroxide, and aloe lotion/cream!

i would put pescabalm on it you own to order it off dash but it is the best stuff to use, helps Poison ivy, all poison stuff, itches, dry skin, blisters and burns. this stuff help skin and helps prevent scars you can also get hold of it at health food stores

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