Glass shards?

i cut myself with some glass shards (really small) accidentally today. how do i know if i own a shard in it or its just a cut? i can see for a time bruise purplish/red spot. is it a shard?
You need to go to a doctor pronto. Glass shards can be extremely hazardous.

Unlike a thorn, which is forced out of your body by the intuitive processes (such as by forming a sore which weakens the skin, then the pus forces the intent out of your skin), glass works oftentimes in the in front of manner.

What hapens is that if they are microscopic or small enough to not see next to your eyes, the shards can work their way deeper into your skin. Glass does not present like peas in a pod foreign intrusion signals to your body's detection system, because it is glass. Therefore, two things occur, but not without doubt: a) the shards can work deeper, and b) the body will then try to heal itself around the shards. And that cause a third problem c) it is possible but not guaranteed that the tiny glass shards can work their way into a blood vessel and float contained by your blood to cause more problems elsewhere.

I say possible, because I do not hold any knowledge of this ever happening as a skin permeation, and you do not say what part of your body this injury happen to. But I do know that glass shards ingested through the mouth can do just that, and that have been documented in cases such as surrounded by car crashes.

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