What is better to put on and infected cut?

i have an infected cut and i need to know if it is better to put peroxide or rubbing alochol on it ?

i hear peroxide really doesnt kill germs
and im aware alochol burns!
Use peroxide to rinse out the cut, the glop on some triple antibiotic ointment.
I would not recommend putting Peroxide (H2O2) on the cut if it happen a while ago, as others have suggested. As it would actually slow the recuperative process down. Hydrogen Peroxide is a debreding agent. It kills anything and everything it comes in contact beside. Which in your case funds it would kill the bacteria contained by the wound as well as some of the new cell and tissue growing.
No reason to put yourself through the agony of alcohol eather! Honestly just plan ripened antibacterial hand soap, and water is pretty much your best bet. However if it is truly infected you should really see a doctor for treatment. Hope it get better soon! Source(s): Paramedic, BS Emergency Medical Care
hydrogen peroxide bubbles i.e. all the germs! don't put rubbing alcohol it burns and won't do anything good for your skin!
idk i use peroxide and i heard that when you use it and see the bubbles on the wound after u apply it...that that's killing the germs..when u see the bubbles. that's what i've hear..im not sure but i always use peroxide and it's been fine.
Peroxide does kill germs, use it. And if you own some neosporin I would try that.
how do you know it is infected, and the oxygen peroxide, and chlorine actually kills germs and things like that, that is why it is contained by the pool
Alcohol does burn and that means it is killing the germs. Peroxide doesnt work because it doesnt burn.
alchohol. suck it up and pocket it
for crying out loud people,,,THEY USE ALCHOHOL IN THE HOSPITALL> why the hel- is everyone truism it's not the best thing.retards, she asked whats better not what will hurt less..
Take the time to read question you morons
noticeably not rubbing alcohol! try peroxide or iodine solution followed by neosporin and a. bandaid
clean it next to water it doesn't have to be alcohol or peroxide

afterwards put triple antibiotic oinment on it

if it gets worse go to a doctor Source(s): my mother is a LPN
neosporin. next peroxide
hydrogen peroxide, it does execute germs, but it also kills your cells. It'll work the best because it foams and will give a hand clean it out.
catch some neosporin.
You can put water on it but you will enjoy to put that alcohol on because you don't want it to infect
antibacitracin ointment after the peroxide
Clean the wound next to hydrogen peroxide, to protect it use neosporin or an antibiotic ointment.
Peroxide .. let it fizz then purify with soap and water. You should repeat this each day.
I would utter peroxide because it does not burn and it is cleaning when it begins to foam on top of the cut.
Hello. Peroxide is a chemical, but I don't know more about it!

Detol is very worthy to kill bacteria virus and all germs! Be warned it does sting!

If the infection is exceedingly bad, try asking ur doctor to have a look, if they estimate its really bad they will give u an antibiotic, which will speed up the recuperative process hopefully.

Honey is a very good antiseptic that doesn't sting, and also tea tree but tea tree might sting somewhat bit.
I used hydrogen peroxide all the time and I've had nouns with it forever !
Well They Have Like Some Sort Of Sprays You Can Either Spray It On Your Band-Aid And Place It On Your Cut Or Directly Spray It On.

Walgreens Has It.
Go with peroxide
antiseptic liquid not neat beside water H2O and cover with a plaster to hold clean.
Peroxide does too take out germs, and it will not burn as much as alcohol. Keep putting peroxide on it till most of the white foam goes away. Neosporin is good too.
Eat lots of garlic, it is a fluent antibiotic.
Apparently and this is true, urine is exceptionally good
I would stick with peroxide. that's what I have other used, and it generally works fine. You could use rubbing alcohal too, but yes, as you stated, it generally burns.
hydrogen peroxide is always good. it does put to death germs
Neosporin with a bandaid.
alcohol...its a nice kindda pain, like loosing your virginity
wash it real resourcefully,then apply half peroxide and partly water to the wound, i would reccomend repeating the steps if you're obssesed about have the wound clean.

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