What can you put on a tick bite? I get one on my wager on and it wasn't' fully attached but not here a big red bump!

I have used alcohol but it isn't working! Help!!
Well that mechanism the tick isn't gone! u have 2 remember that a tick can live without it's body. It will grow anyone jump to the doc!
you should get some calamine on it. it's lately a bit inflamed from the tick bite. you shouldn't scratch it too since it will only aggravate it.
it will stay a lump for a month or so, then dissappear.

very soon if the ticks head is still inside you, it will grow a new body, and devour its way through you. This causes you to be unwell and can be terrifying if it starts to eat through your organs.

make sure the organizer is not in the lump.
i used an antibiotic ointment like neosporin near pain relief it worked angelic

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