How do i stop the bleeding?

So about 20 hrs ago i was messing near a new planters wart i just get. I took the clippers and was cutting the sking around it. Usually i can do that and squeeze it out myself so i dont hold to get it frozen off at the dr. resourcefully yesterday i hardly cut around it and it will not stop bleeding. It bled through 3 bandaids that were on at like peas in a pod time.. and onto my sock.

it won't stop bleeding. Now if i put a bandaid on it, it'll stop but if i take it off and start walking... ably.... this morning i looked down and i had bled all over the entire apt 's mat.

how do i stop it?
Go to the doc.
Or the ER.
Going to the doctor can be expensive and I can understand why you would want to remove the planters wart yourself, BUT... some things you lately shouldn't mess with. By coming on this site you realize you have a problem and obligation help. So get the compassionate of help you REALLY need. Pick up the phone, bid your doctor and tell him what the problem is. Why put yourself through the discomfort of having a planters wart and in a minute dealing with all this bleeding, when you can be in motion to the doctor and get it taken care of right away.
You have to keep on a plaster long enough for the body to start the repair work

Placing pressure on it stops the blood from leaving the body and it within turn gives the body a chance to do its work

So why not hand over a little helping hand and give notice on the bandage
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lay down and keep it elevated. also wrap it REALLY tightly next to like gauze or something.
If I were you I'd goto the DR.
They may requirement to cauterize it to stop the bleeding if it's been almost a day. The source they freeze them is so they don't keep coming back.
just relax and depart it, or put a ice baf in to ur finger, it will stop bleeding soon.
At this point, you involve to see your doctor.Until then, rinse in cold hose, if you do not have gauze at home, you can use new toilet tissue, and create a pad out of that, or facial tissue can be folded into a pad, place over the verbs wound, tape down, using any good medical cassette, or you can even use masking tape if you hold nothing else available at home. The best thing would be a full-size waterproof bandage over a wipe of gauze, change dressing every 8 hours, keep wound verbs, but dry if possible. Elevate the foot as much as possible. See a doctor as soon as you can. Another thing, after dressing the wound, use an rime pack to reduce swelling and stop bleeding. Make one by putting ice inside a verbs damp washcloth, fold ice up contained by the damp washcloth. Put washcloth in a plastic rucksack, and press your foot wound up against the pack. Sorry for your discomfort.
You might enjoy a serious problem i suggest you go to a doctor.
You should really budge to a physician and have it cleaned and examined. It may need to be cauterized, and you may require antibiotic analysis. While you are there, you should ask the doctor if there is any channel to prevent the warts from occurring in the adjectives. To my knowledge, there is already some type of over the counter remedy available at drugstores.
Get some of that acid stuff next time.

Ewwww... "squeeze it out" LOL
Don't perform surgery on yourself...wart removal via cryo has its benefits, but do-it-yourselfers don' will bleed for a couple of days if you keep hold of playing with it..time to see MD I think! Good Luck.
dance to the doctor or hospital or a local walk in clinic
pressure is how to stop bleeding. have you tried putting pressure on it for several minutes lacking looking under it? if it keeps bleeding after that, you may inevitability to see a doctor for a stitch. or, try some of that skin "glue". its sold by the bandaids.
Depending on the severity of the cut, i would recommend any: a) running it in cold water and applying pressure to the wound b) dosing the cut beside hydrogen peroxide and applying pressure to the wound.
If you keep loosing blood or have lost a significant amount of blood, however, the best point to do now is go to a doctor and explain what have happened. If you loose too much blood you may need a blood transfusion to prevent further bug.
Apply pressure onto the wound. The one who said cold water is correct, but you inevitability to use antiseptic maybe like Betadine to take out the germs. Do this after you stop the bleeding.

You might put some Echinacea powder onto the wound to help bind it and try another bandaid and keep pressure on it.

Do not do what you did again. There is a right opening to treat warts, and maybe more than one instrument but cutting it yourself is not right.

Go to the dermatologist and get it frozen sour. Or use herbal medicine.

You might want to call your hospital's med direction line. Source(s): EMT 1
since it is on ur foot, you are one it most of the time

i suggest you elevate so it is above your heart or manager. The blood will go down to your lower body, so it will stop some of the bleeding. I also suggest that you have somebody move about get you some gauze and medical tape. video it on to the area.
If the bleeding doesnt stop in 10-20 min, bid your dr. cause you may have cut to philosophical.

and dont even look under the gauze because it is stopping it from bleeding Source(s): DONT WALK ON IT!
run it lower than cold water
go to the dr!

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