NEED HELP! AWFUL "concrete burn" 10 points to best answer.?

what happened was i be very late to a soccer hobby and i was running down a hill a bit than using the steps a long walk over. once i got to the bottom of the steep mount, i was on some cement and i sliped and slid down and got a really fruitless burn on my thigh, knee and elbow. they all sting similar to heck, ive cleaned it twice with hydrogen peroxide and some antiseptic stuff. it is warm to the touch and i am drastically afraid of getting in the shower. any suggestions to either stop the burn(i cant run to the market) or a bearing to shower w/out having water touch my burns?? gratitude so much, it reallly hurts!
Have a bath without putting your pay for in(unless you got burns on your back).
No Offence, but i think this is a material rand question. Though who am i to judge, i onece asked if ancestors thought Italy wre match fixing in the previous world cup(i be shocked by the 2 late goals against germany)!
You own already cleaned the skin. Don't use soap or hydrogen peroxide on it anymore. Both can strip away the body's ability to fight infection. Use an antibiotic gel and clean dressing. The fact that you said the skin is melt to the touch concerns me. It's possible that you have an infection. You may want to call your doctor, he might offer you a prescription called "Silver Sulfadiazine" cream, which will take charge of the infection. Until then either pinch a sponge bath or tape small plastic plenty over the injured skin to keep them dry and take a shower. Use medical cassette that you would use for taping on a dressing. Please no scotch tape or duck cartridge : )
Don't shower. Take a sponge bath.
dont take water on it. i got some dampen on mine and now i have a irremediable scar on it. try to put Neosporin on the burn that works the best. i dont recommend peroxide unless your just cleaning it
Sponge bath, then cover it near either a bandage or a verbs gauze if a bandaid is too small. Keep it clean, and you mite try wrapping an ice pack surrounded by a towel and put it on WITH the wound covered. if your in a ton of pain, hold some meds like advil?

As for your hair, stick your herald over the edge of the tub, and use the nozzle to wash it, otherwise ask someone to relieve you in the kitchen sink, otherwise, just put it up and dawdle until you get scabs to wash it, i be going to, you'll only have to skulk until tomorrow morning, so it won't be too bad. Also, after you get the scabs over it, when you shower, PAT THEM DRY! rubbing them can cause them come off, becasue they are wet they will fall over off easier, and you'll start the while process all over again, plus you'll own some pretty nasty scars. Anything else, convey me an email! I was biking with a friend this summer, and go off the curb on accident, have around a 6 inch burn all down my leg, so ik exactly how you feel and what to do!
hold gauze pads over the injuries to stop casual contact.

contained by the shower wrap a towel lightly around the areas. They may still hurt while the towel is dry, but one it gets raining it will help and wash the wounds at impossible to tell apart time. Source(s): experience
aloe vera gel...It is the most useful stuff around or "solarcaine" it works #1 for sunburn, scraps, burns...You HAVE to use it!!
On cement they are more promising to be abrasions (grazes) than burns. But if they are burns, do not put any creams on them or anything like that. Cold sea will be the best thing for it, which is the normal treatment for burns. If you broke the skin (which is probable given the mechanism of injury) i am not surprised they stung when you put Hydrogen Peroxide on it!! Rather you than me! Continous cooling with cold wet would be my advice to you. If, however, you really dont want to get them drizzling then wash your hackle over the sink! Happy washing!
Try Noxzema ! It will cool it down.

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