Pus Coming out of Ear Piercing after 3 months!?

Help! I got my ears pierced in mid-January, and they get infected maybe 2 weeks after getting them initially pierced. I went to the doctor, and get antibiotics for it. All went well, and they haven't be an issue. I took out my new earrings for the first time early March, but I've be leaving them constantly because they could still possibly close up. I got them pierced at Claires, which I know is probably a mistake but I haven't have any problems with my first ear piercing (this is my second). Now, all of a sudden, white pus is coming out of my not here ear piercing. I've taken the earring out, applied the Claire's antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide, as well as neosporin to my ear, however pus is still leaking out every 5 hours or so when I pilfer the earring out. Its just white colored pus, but I'm still worried. There isn't any major cramp, just slight irritation whenever I twirl the earring, and the back of my ear is constantly itching.

Alright, I've had duplicate problem because my first time, I had them pierced at Claire's as well. DO NOT trust Claire's at adjectives! It has been a markedly common problem that people keep hold of getting ear infections when they have their ears pierced at Claire's. Claire's is not licensed to do this at all.

About the pus coming out of your ears, I read aloud go to your doctor. Also remove your earrings and allow them to close. You have no other choice but you enjoy to let them close. When your ears are fully healed, you could continue and have them pierced at a licensed place such as a jewelers. Also, do not touch your ears at all contained by the mean time. This allows your ears to become more irritated. I recommend you go to Piercing Pagoda to draw from your ears pierced next time. I always dance there to get piercing. Source(s): Personal experience
Keep cleaning the area as soon as the discharge occurs, and take the earrings out. I found the soft solution Claire's provided you with didn't help. If you enjoy something containing alcohol, ideally aftershave, but you can also use, eau de perfume, apply that to cottom wool and clean the area reguarly again. Alcohol kill the bacteria causing the infection.

Don't wear the earrings until the nouns has healed.

It could also be an allergic response to the metal in the earring. At one point in my go, I developed an allergy to sterling silver & metal earrings. My ears would itch and swell.

Ear infections after piercings from Claire's seems to be a common problem.

If symptoms keep trying, then see your Dr.
I don't really know what you should do, surrounded by fact, I'm battling like peas in a pod problem. You should probably go see your doctor. However, DON'T take the earrings out unless you're told by your doctor to do so. One piece I do know is that taking your earrings out right now can result in an abscess. It's simple - you whip the earring out and the wound starts to close, your skin closes up over the site of infection and that might cause the infection to get strapped and become internal. Right immediately the pus has a way to escape the infection site so hang on to it that way until you know what to do. Source(s): www.safepiercing.org
Don't use peroxide. It dries out the piercing and can take home the skin more irritated. H2Ocean. It's a spray (sold at any tattoo parlor that does piercings, and Hot Topic). It's purified salt water, and it's a broad piercing cleaner. The sea salt will support kill all the insalubrious bacteria. Lay off on the Neosporin for a bit, because it kill all bacteria and some germs is helpful and will help it make well (sounds gross, I know, but it works). Clean the jewelry with H2Ocean before you put it within. You could be allergic to the jewelry, but since you got it done at Claire's, they usually have hypoallergenic Don't spin the piercing if it's dry, it can lead to irritation and don't play with it because the dirt and oils from your fingers can irritate it. As long as you give somebody a lift care if it, the infection will clear up. Probably in almost a week or two.

And yeah, Claire's is the worst place for a piercing. I would recommend a tattoo parlor for your next piercing. They're usually more sterile. Source(s): Boyfriend is a piercer, I have 14+ piercings.

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